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Our British Studies Summer Programme was created to explore the enduring impact of British culture.

Established in 1996 and supported by the ACS Foundation since 1997, the programme is committed to the ideal of creative, multi-disciplined education for High School students aged 15 – 18.

The close interaction between student, teacher and location not only galvanises this approach,
it also generates an enthusiastic forum for collaborative learning. Maintaining high standards is an ACS priority – a priority that guarantees the future success and development of this intensive, study/travel programme.

In addition to being an excellent supplement for High School courses in European history, English literature, art and theatre, the programme is great fun. Through the immediacy of on-site experience, students are encouraged to explore, comprehend, and more importantly to connect seemingly disparate monuments, art and events from the past 400 years of British history. Making sense of the past brings history to life, turning learning into a voyage of discovery.

Success here helps develop well-rounded students ­– young adults better prepared to understand and appreciate the cultural and artistic diversity of the 21st Century.

Our long-standing partnership with the British-American Business Council has secured year-on joint sponsorship for the most deserving US students to attend the British Studies Summer Programme. We are proud of this association, and the life-changing experiences it brings to so many students.

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