Welcome from ACS Chairman, David Thomas

David ThomasContinuity and change have been active ingredients in ACS history since we first opened our doors to students back in 1967. We recognise that the contributions of our past and the promise of what we do next, collectively embody who we are now.

In reflecting on our identity we recently came together as a group of schools to articulate the core values that bind and drive us forward as a learning community. Collectively we voiced the things that make ACS special, and what was said effectively wrote the Core Purpose and Values statements that identify us at our best.

Importantly, these statements are 'lived' by ACS today. The articulation of our Core Purpose and Values represents a powerful exclamation point in our history - not a full stop. They underline our continuous desire to review and invigorate the familiar with the new, and to energise who we are with where we want to go next.

Continuity and change have been powerful catalysts at ACS for over 43 years. Because we embrace them both, we remain best placed to meet the educational challenges of a future full of possibility and opportunity.