ACS Doha sports facilities include an indoor swimming pool, a large modern sports hall, outdoor basketball court, and multipurpose external recreational area.

We offer a variety of school teams and after-school sport activities such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, swimming, cross-country, track and field, tennis and badminton.

Within the curriculum, the Physical Education Programme contributes to the overall education of the students by helping them to lead full and valuable lives through participation in purposeful physical activity. The programme enables the students to develop physical competence and promotes physical development. Students learn the value of participating in physical activity while at school and throughout life. Students are also encouraged to develop the personal qualities of commitment, fairness, respect and enthusiasm. The programme involves students in the continuous process of planning, performing and evaluating in all areas of physical activity.

Activities covered include:

  • Net games - Badminton, Volleyball and Table Tennis
  • Striking games - football (soccer) and Rounders
  • Movement - Gymnastics and performance movement
  • Aquatics - Swimming, Personal Survival and Life Saving
  • Track & Field Athletics
  • Integrated Fitness Programme.