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From your door to our door

ACS Cobham Transportation Department works closely with families to transport their children safely and efficiently between home and school.

Because we understand the many challenges facing both local and relocating families, the ACS Cobham Transportation Department will make every effort to arrange busing for your children from their first day of school.

In order to ensure the process runs efficiently, we would appreciate your assistance by informing us of your home address as soon as possible, and liaising with us to confirm availability of busing for your address. Please note that requests received after 8 August may not be processed in time for the start of the school year, and for mid-year starts we cannot guarantee the availability of busing. However, rest assured that all steps will be taken to complete your busing requests with speed and efficiency.

Zonal Busing Fees

ACS Cobham operates two busing zones, with fees set according to distance from school. Zonal areas are indicated on the PDF map (left). Please note that the fees below are per semester (two semesters per academic year).

Door to Door
  1st Child  2nd Child 3rd Child 4th Child
Zone 1 Single - £880
Return - £1,360
Single - £870
Return - £1,340
Single - £860
Return - £1,320
Single - £850
Return - £1,300
Zone 2 Single - £975
Return - 
Single - £965
Return - 
Single - £955
Return - 
Single - £945
Return - 
Zone 1 Return £625 Single £410
Zone 2 Return £715 Single £465
KT11 Express Service
Return £530 Single N/A

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