ACS International Schools

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Board of Directors

ACS International Schools is guided by a Board of independent, non-executive directors, with a wealth of international and UK experience across a range of areas including education, finance, strategy, IT, and law. The Board supports the development and day-to-day operations of the schools.

In addition, the ACS Board has created the following Board sub committees:

  • Education: Chaired by Theresa Forbes
  • Finance and Audit: Chaired by Piers White
  • People: Chaired by Kathy Harvey
  • Risk and Investment: Chaired by David Thomas.

    Heads of School

    Our Heads preserve and enhance the character, style, and educational ethos of each ACS school. Working with a comprehensive administration structure – Divisional Principals, Department Heads, and parents – ensures each school promotes a dynamic culture that encourages a profound love of learning.

      Head Office

      The responsibility of developing and implementing the organisation's strategy, learning goals, and day-to-day management is undertaken by the Heads of School and Head Office, led by the Managing Director.

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