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At ACS Camps we share the same heart felt goal that any parent has for their child. We aim to provide young people with an abundance of co-curricular opportunities that nurture and celebrate individual character, help develop social skills to get along with others, whilst building self-esteem and self-reliance.

Our year round specialist Sport Camps are exceptionally popular, designed to put young people at the heart of each specialist sport programme where they benefit from the expertise, enthusiasm and dedication of highly qualified coaches.

ACS Camps welcomes children from our four ACS Schools, new families joining ACS, and students from the wider UK and international school communities.

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We value those simple teachable moments when you see a child's face beam because they have made a connection, solved a problem, helped a friend, or quite simply found a place to belong with friends old and new.

So what makes ACS Camps so special? Our focus lies in celebrating effort within a fun and friendly atmosphere, where young people can feel safe making mistakes without being judged and face challenges with encourag

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