ACS Hillingdon International School

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We use technology to revolutionise the way that we teach, our students learn, and our community interacts.

At ACS Hillingdon we build a strong foundation in the use and application of IT. We empower students and teachers to better engage with the world of knowledge at their fingertips, and to share and collaborate in the pursuit of fresh new thinking.

Workstations, laptops and iPads are integrated into the very fabric of our curriculum. Students are taught to work both collaboratively and independently, in and outside of school.

Digital Literacy is taught at all grade levels and equips students to effectively search, find, evaluate and utilise appropriate, relevant and authentic information. Our students also actively participate in a comprehensive Digital Citizenship programme which fosters an understanding of the importance of individual responsibility in a vast virtual world. A team approach is taken, with teachers, counsellors, librarians, integrationists, parents and students working together to provide a cohesive voice.

We believe that technology is a tool that liberates critical and creative thinking, boosting sharing and communication across every facet of the learning experience.

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