Meet the Donors

Sam McGee, ACS Cobham alumnus, Director ACS International Schools in America
I donated to ACS in America to give an academically able and highly deserving young person a chance to experience something of the life-changing benefits I enjoyed attending a world class international school.
Sam McGee, ACS Cobham Alumnus and Founding Director of ACS International Schools in America
By supporting the BSSP we are given the opportunity to pay it forward to students who would otherwise probably never get this opportunity, the chance to learn and grow and maybe, just maybe, have a positive impact in our world.
Brian Kujala, ACS Cobham Alumnus and Director of ACS International Schools in America
Andrew_Kulpecz_Tie_Headshot copy
The British Studies Summer Program provided a way to share some of the many benefits of my own ACS experience with young people who are academic achievers but come from homes that would never be able to afford them a study-abroad opportunity. Chevron's gift-matching program made it easy to help out in this way, maximizing my own gift to the Funding Future Minds Fund.
Andrew Kulpecz, ACS Cobham Alumnus
tom james
The Chicago scholars we picked to attend this year’s 2020 BSSP reminded us how critical our open and curios minds are to the world we create for ourselves and how powerful an experience integrating with students of other countries and cultures is for our working world. In funding and supporting a BSSP scholar we got to experience yet another level of growth and learning from a fresh perspective. Their untarnished disciplines and curiosity inspired us to go further and faster in our family, career and leadership opportunities.
James Gustin and Tom Stahr, ACS Cobham Alumni and Chicago Chapter Leaders

Get Involved

You can make a US tax-deductible donation to the Funding Future Minds campaign, supporting the scholarship program via Paypal or check. You can increase the impact of your gift through your company if they have a gift-matching program.

Some of our alumni donors have wanted to become more involved with the scholarship program and have visited local high schools within their communities or other youth-serving non-profits to help identify young people who would benefit from a scholarship.

Supporting our Funding Future Minds Campaign is an opportunity for ACS Alumni & Friends to change young people’s lives for the better through a scholarship.