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Be a part of our future

Be a part of our future

In 2018, ACS became a UK registered charity, which enabled us to widen access to our outstanding teaching, programmes, and facilities to a new generation of students. Philanthropic giving has a part to play in extending the reach of our programmes, professional expertise, and facilities.

We are grateful to our Alumni & Friends for their willingness to contribute to student life and school events over the years. With your continued support, we are confident that ACS can provide an outstanding education and environment for all our students, for years to come.

We have remained committed to excellence since day one, and are proud to have inspired children and young people to make a difference. With such high ambitions we are aware that there is sometimes a gap between our aspirations and our resources, which is where our Alumni & Friends play such a vital role. Your generosity makes an enormous difference to the development of our students, affording them every opportunity to enrich and extend their learning.

To find out how you can donate, please contact Amba Shirfield, Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations at We are grateful for your friendship and support.

We became a charity - alumni at meeting having Pimms

We became a charity

Even though Mr. Speed has retired and Mr. Poularas has sadly passed away, the legacy of our Founders lives on in the ongoing success of our people and schools. It was the express wish of Mr. Poularas that ACS should eventually become a charitable entity in order to best preserve its long-term future, and ensure it will always:

  • Provide the highest quality of teaching, care and facilities to help improve student learning outcomes
  • Be committed to internationalism and grow to provide an international education to more students around the world
  • Attract, retain and develop staff of the highest standard
  • Reinvest our surpluses to develop our schools and extend our programmes to ensure the long-term viability of our schools.
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