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Pastoral Care

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Raising self-awareness & building healthy relationships

Our counsellors teach key people skills that help children raise self-awareness and build healthy relationships with friends, peers, teachers and the world around them. We work hard to make learning a positive experience, and encourage students to participate, practice and use these skills in daily life. 

Our administrators also hold regular Student Study Team Meetings to bring together the group that supports a particular student’s needs. Our aim here is to ensure teachers and parents work together closely to better progress each student's academic and social development through the sharing of information, concerns, hopes, and plans.

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Our teachers create a nurturing environment where children can be themselves, enjoy learning, and grow in confidence.

Lower School

From your first day with us, your children will become part of a caring classroom community where every child is a valued member. Each day begins with a Morning Meeting that welcomes every child individually, and brings us all closer together. Each Early Childhood classroom ends the school day with a closing circle where students get to share what they have experienced and learnt during the day.

We have two full-time counsellors who work closely with parents and teachers to identify and address the specific needs of every student. Counsellors might meet with a student as a one-off, on a regular basis for a limited time, or periodically, depending on what is best for the student. When necessary, we can also refer students and families to external support specialists.

The Lower School has been extremely supportive and flexible in making sure my child receives the best education possible. (ACS Cobham Lower School Parent)
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Middle School

Every student has a right in the future to look back on their school memories positively. The Middle School pastoral programme plays a pivotal role in fostering this. We aim to achieve this by providing as broad and balanced care program that supports the developmental needs of each student.

The Middle school years can be a very difficiult time for students as they are finding their way in an ever changing world. At ACS Cobham, we aim to support, guide and counsel them through, whilst best prepoaring them for High School. 

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The teachers always give me feedback at the end of the day, and are very, very caring. They have made this transition very easy.
High School students Cobham

High School

ACS Cobham accepts students with a broad range of academic preparation and abilities. We treat all students as individuals and our college counsellors motivate them to make the best and most rewarding choices. Importantly, we are more than just academics, and all students are encouraged to participate in a huge range of co- and extra-curricular activities, from charitable work, to community service projects, sports and the arts, both here in the UK and overseas. 

Based on the principle of genuine mutual respect, we strive to bring out the best in each student, guiding all to achieve beyond expectation, and to enjoy the many friendships and advantages of our truly international learning experience.

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ACS recognises that safeguarding and child protection are every community member’s responsibility and we take this matter very seriously in all our schools.

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