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Academic and Pastoral Support

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Your home from home

Our team provide unparalleled academic and pastoral care support for our Boarding students.  From the initial integration when our boarders arrive at ACS Cobham we continue to build this relationship year on year.   

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On arriving, new boarding students and their families are greeted by a Welcome Committee made up of fellow students. This is followed by an in-depth induction weekend to help everyone settle in smoothly, make friends and find their way around their amazing new home. Boarding staff work closely with teachers to support and encourage each student to reach their potential through:

• Regular contact with university counsellors to guide academic success

• Qualified coaches that offer a huge range of competitive and fun sports

• A dynamic Performing Arts department with a plethora of drama and music events to participate in

• Charity and volunteer work, both in the UK and overseas, to broaden horizons and ready our students for challenges of the future

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Every day after school all our students have access to House Parents who are also qualified teachers to support studying every evening.  Any questions our students have regarding their studies can be addressed to the staff on duty each day.  This gives our students extra academic support outside of school hours.  Our House Parents also work closely with our students to help guide them whilst they make academic choices and move through the school years.

Each house provides quiet study spaces in which students can work each evening with support close at hand.

In addition, we offer English as an Additional Language (EAL) support out of school hours, depending on the student’s age and needs, and a Native Language Enrichment programme. Both are fully included in the boarding fees.

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Student well-being is central to boarding life. Our expert staff are caring and approachable, supported by practices that ensure our pastoral care is exceptional.

1000 Hour Project

Our innovative 1000 Hour Project is specifically designed to support the pastoral care of our students. Regular hour-long meetings are carefully planned to cover the six different elements of wellbeing on the Warwick Edinburgh scale. This ensures the student’s thinking is focussed but the interaction remains personal. Students self-assess their progress which is recorded. It’s the process rather than the result that is their key take away. An in-house system enables us to highlight successes and goals for improvement without becoming the aim of the session.

The 1000 Hour project takes places within the “Lotus Room” specially designed for private consultations with our students.

In addition to the 1000 Hour project our pastoral support also includes:

  • House Parents attend meetings with Middle and High School teachers to discuss each boarders’ needs
  • Boarders have full access to an Independent Counsellor who offers confidential appointments
  • Grade 11 and 12 boarders may be selected as Peer Supporters
  • Student Council meets every month with the Head of Boarding to feedback on ongoing initiatives and issues.

Our resident House Parents are available 24 hours a day to help our boarders and deal promptly with and sympathetically with any personal situation that may arise. All our students feel respected as individuals, and our expert staff actively support their personal, social and educational development.

In addition, our team is strengthened by resident teacher/advisers, a nurse, a designated Safeguarding Lead, a School Counsellor and a Student Peer Supporter Group. Together, we ensure all boarders have the constant support, guidance and care to be happy, inspired and ready to make their mark on the world.