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At ACS Cobham we offer a full range of boarding options to suit the needs of different families. Full 7-day boarding, weekly 5-day boarding, and temporary flexi-boarding are available, with all students made to feel at home in our welcoming boarding community. Our students also have the option to move from day to boarding, or vice versa, which can be useful if family circumstances change. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information on our boarding options.

For full terms and conditions, and to apply for flexi-boarding, please contact our Head of Boarding directly.

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Jennifer Overton

Jennifer Overton

Head of Boarding
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7-day boarding

7-Day Boarding

Our premium 7-day boarding option allows students to immerse themselves in ACS boarding life, including all the activities, trips and events that happen at the weekend, and which provide such a unique and nurturing experience. With no exeat weekends, our 7-day boarders have plenty of time to discover new interests and hobbies, take full advantage of our campus facilities, and develop friendships.

5-day boarding

5-Day Boarding

Around a quarter of our boarding students opt for weekly (5-day) boarding from Monday to Friday. This is a great option for dual working parents, or families living in the London area who want their child to have a wonderful boarding experience while still maintaining family time at the weekends.

Our expansive 128-acre campus provides green space and fresh air during the week, while our proximity to London and other local towns makes the trip home on Friday afternoons eminently doable.



Flexi-boarding is open to day students in Grades 7 to 12, to help meet the challenges of modern family life. It is ideal for students who take part in co-curricular activities that either finish late, or start early in the day, or for those whose parents travel for work. Students are also encouraged to try flexi-boarding to determine if full boarding might be something that suits their needs later in their schooling life.

The maximum time a flexi-boarder can stay with us is 45 nights per academic year, and is subject to space being available, on a first come, first served basis.

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I was worried about boarding school as I'm quite shy, but everyone made me feel so welcome straight away. I love it here.
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