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ACS Cobham's broad and balanced primary (elementary) curriculum prepares students to embrace independent learning, teamwork, and responsible decision making.

We believe that all children have the ability to thrive and achieve at school. Our teachers encourage their natural curiosity with individual support and a wide range of experiences both in and outside of the classroom. We take full advantage of our beautiful 128-acre campus and all the outstanding facilities and outdoor opportunities it has to offer a young, adventurous mind. Together, we hope to instil a thirst for knowledge in every child that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Our young students begin to learn through play, exploration, and lessons that are both stimulating and fun. Our qualified and experienced teachers and specialists use the most effective approaches to help students develop positive skills, understanding, values, and attitudes.

In close partnership with parents, we actively welcome new families into our school. We want to see children quickly gain courage, optimism, and the resilience to persist in the face of challenges. As our students come to us from both local and international families, we are proud to be able to say that all are ready to take full advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Our teachers create a nurturing environment where children can be themselves, enjoy learning, and grow in confidence.

Lacy Chapman, Lower School Principal
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What Subjects to Expect

Learning in the Lower School includes core studies in language, mathematics, science, and social studies. We provide a strong academic foundation, and we encourage students to be creative, think critically, communicate, and collaborate.

Students enjoy celebrating our diverse cultural backgrounds, and they are able to participate in many activities and events, including assemblies, musical performances, field trips, extracurricular activities, and community service.

ACS Schools Lower School Responsive classroom

Responsive Classroom

This highly-respected approach is known for its teacher effectiveness, higher student achievement, and the emphasis it places on creating ideal spaces for learning. The goal of the Responsive Classroom is to create a safe, joyful, and challenging learning environment for every child.

The key strengths

  • Setting a positive tone, and building a sense of belonging each day in our Morning Meeting.
  • Teaching children the essential skills to participate successfully.
  • Treating mistakes as opportunities to learn, grow and improve.
  • Using positive language.
  • Teaching in ways that build excitement about learning.
  • Giving children opportunities to reflect on their behaviour and learning.
  • Inviting parents to become a partner in their child's education.

We also hold monthly Lower School Morning Meetings where all the Lower School students and teachers come together to share and grow.

International Mindedness

We are proud to be part of a diverse multi-cultural school community made up of families from over 70 different nations. Our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results define how we prepare our students to make a positive difference in an ever-changing world. We create opportunities for students to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to be internationally-minded, ethical, global citizens, and school ambassadors.

To us, being internationally minded encompasses an awareness and understanding of:

  • Life beyond your own nationality – as our children come from dozens of countries.
  • The interdependence among peoples – learning from the world enriches our lives.
  • The interdependence among countries – for a safer, more prosperous world.
  • The independence of people and countries – we are stronger together than apart.
  • The similarities and differences among people – that we are all basically the same inside.

We help our students want to become contributors who help others, show empathy, care and respect for people and things, are sensitive to other people’s needs, and embrace diversity.

By embracing internationalism, we help our students become confident individuals who are role models, listen to others, accept different points of view, experience new things, seek to understand others, traditions, customs and beliefs. In short, we help them see a better future is always possible.

My daughter has made real progress, not just with school, but in being aware of nature and the greater world around her. - ACS Cobham Parent
ACS Schools Lower School

Outdoor Learning

World class outdoor spaces support a Forest School curriculum that connects students with the natural world. Extensive use of dedicated play areas, woodlands, a nature trail and pond, gardens, permanent forest camp site, sports fields, indoor pool, and theatre, enable us to deliver meaningful context to experiences that help children make sense of the world around them.

Through participation in a wide range of activities, we see our students:

  • Become better communicators with improved social skills, participation, and initiative.
  • Develop greater independence.
  • Improve their concentration.
  • Learn how to collaborate and problem solve as a team.
  • Gain a greater understanding of nature and the environment.

We integrate outdoor learning into all areas of our curriculum, as we believe every child should experience and learn from the world beyond the classroom.

Scramblers Play Area

Pastoral Care

At ACS, we understand every child needs to feel secure and confident to learn well. We believe that the social and emotional development of a child and the enhancement of positive self-esteem are as important as academic growth, and are essential for a child to reach his or her full potential.  

From your first day with us, your children will become part of a caring classroom community where every child is a valued member. Each day begins with a Morning Meeting that welcomes every child individually, and brings us all closer together. Each classroom ends the school day with a closing circle where students get to share what they have experienced and learnt during the day.

Parental Involvement

The partnership we form with parents creates an effective and successful school environment for each child. Supportive partnerships are most effective when built on mutual trust and respect, and are a shared responsibility to make every student’s education the best it can be. When students understand that school and home are working together, they feel safe and supported, creating the ideal atmosphere for learning to happen.

We have a wonderful and pro-active Parent-School Organisation (PSO) that takes great pride in the work they do in organising and running many special and memorable events throughout the year, including: Trunk or Treat, International Fair, Staff Appreciation, and Party for the Planet. The ultimate aim of the PSO is to enrich each student’s experience though a deeper connection and understanding of school life.

Clubs & Activities

We offer a broad and exciting programme of after school activities that encourage children to develop new skills and talents, and find their passion outside of the classroom. We believe that co–curricular activities are an important part of a child’s education and encourage each child to really take advantage of what’s on offer.

  • Orchestra
  • Choir
  • Robotics and coding
  • Cheerleading
  • Chess
  • Cub Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • Debating