wales surfing trip


RESIDENTIAL TRIPS Overnight field trips are part of the curriculum and the costs are in addition to the school fees. There is one extended field trip per grade level (Grades 4-9), with an expected cost varying between £200-£700 depending on the trip. Other extra-curricular trips may include language trips, arts trips or Model United Nations. In addition, there is also an optional ski trip for which there will be a separate charge. Individual details will be issued prior to the trip. ACS parents should direct any payment enquiries to the Divisional Office.
EXAM FEES External exam fees are also in addition to the school fees with an expected cost of around £700 for the full IB Diploma Programme and £125 per AP exam. (ACS reserves the right to amend these fees if examination bodies increase their charges.) Tuition fees for students repeating any part of Grade 12 are available from the School Fees Office.
UNIVERSITY APPLICATIONS Application fees for US universities vary (between $50 and $150 per application). UK universities (UCAS) charge £24.
GRADE 12 SENIOR FEE A charge of £130 is made to cover graduation costs including the hire of cap and gown.
LOST iPADS Accidental damage is generally covered by ACS International Schools. However, ACS International Schools does not cover lost or misplaced iPads. If an iPad is lost then a charge of up to £400 will be made. Deliberate damage to iPads or damage through misuse will result in the cost of repair or replacement of the iPad being charged. All iPads are provided with a safety cover which must not be removed. Lost covers are replaced at the expense of the user.
LOST OR DAMAGED TEXT BOOKS A set of text books is loaned to each student. At the end of the year, or earlier for transferring students, the books must be returned in the condition in which they were issued, allowance being made for fair wear and tear. A charge will be made for textbooks/library books lost or damaged beyond the accepted standard.
FOOD A hot meal cooked in school and various 'Grab & Go' items are available as an option. Students are also allowed to bring a packed lunch. See Food and Nutrition for details (ACS parents can visit our intranet to find out about making payments).
EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES We understand the value of extra-curricular activities in helping to provide a well-rounded and balanced school experience. Some activities are free of charge, others incur an additional charge (ACS parents should direct any payment enquiries to the Divisional Office).