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Application Fee

Application and deposit fees are handled by each school's Admissions department.

non-refundable application fee of £250 must accompany each application form and can be paid online. Payment of the fee does not guarantee admission. The fee covers the administrative work involved in processing an application. Please contact the Admissions Office with any questions.

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non-refundable enrolment deposit of £1,500 for day students, or £2,500 for boarding students, is payable after a student has been accepted in order to reserve a place. The deposit is set against semester 2 tuition/boarding charges.

A similar pre-registration (re-enrolment) fee is payable in March for existing students in order to reserve a place for the next academic year.

A deposit of £3,000 is required for day students, and £5,000 for boarding students, when the period between the date of acceptance and the student’s start date is 20 calendar days or less. 

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One-off Capital/Development Fee

A once-only, non-refundable capital/development fee of £1,200 is charged during the first year of each student’s enrolment in Grades K-12. The fee contributes towards the maintenance and development of school facilities and is included within the first tuition fee invoice. 

For more information on paying application fees and deposits, or to arrange any other method of payment, please contact the school's Admissions Office.