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Congratulations to our leaving ACS Cobham class of 2018. We are incredibly proud of what they have achieved. Their impressive results are testament to hard work, discipline and motivation. We have no doubt that their time at ACS will provide an excellent foundation for the next step in their educational journey

IB Results - 2018

2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
PASS RATE (%) 94% 94% 91% 95% 92%
NO. OF DIPLOMAS 72 88 97 89 93

This year ACS Cobham entered 101 students for the IB Diploma, representing a wide range of academic strengths and abilities. Following a lot of hard work and dedication, 93 students achieved their diploma - an overall pass rate of 92%.

IB Results – 2018

11 students achieved scores of 38+ points, which is similar to 4 x A* A levels, according to the UCAS points tariff. The highest score this year was 41 points (out of a maximum of 45).

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Above World Average

Our students have scored above the world average in 70% of subjects for the past three years.

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Language Results

Language results have been at least 12% above the world average for the past three years.

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Humanities Results

Environmental and Societies (humanities) results have been at least 10% above the world average for four consecutive years.

ACS Cobham Average IB & UCAS Points

2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
AVERAGE UCAS POINTS 184 208 184 196 180
AVERAGE IB POINTS 33 35 33 34 32

Our students' average IB score was 32 points, which can be worth 180 UCAS points, or 3 x A* A levels - a significant achievement, which ensures the majority of our graduates will be able to attend their first-choice university.

IB International Benchmarks

IB INTERNATIONAL BENCHMARK (2016-17) 30.1 78.4% 162
ACS COBHAM (2017-18) 32 92% 180

Our students consistently outperform the worldwide IB benchmarks for pass rate and points, and this year was no different. The exceptional teaching and learning opportunities at ACS Cobham continue to deliver results to be proud of. 

AP Results - 2018

2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
NO. OF EXAMS 292 321 253 299 328
NO. OF STUDENTS 137 147 109 132 148
AVERAGE GRADE PER EXAM 3.05 3.34 3.34 3.61 3.13

This year, 148 High School students took a total of 328 Advanced Placement exams. These one-year courses remain incredibly popular, and not only with students applying for US universities; higher education institutions in the UK and around the world recognise this post-16 qualification.

A number of students excelled, with 29 receiving AP Scholar awards, a further 5 with Honour, and 17 with Distinction.