Lower school Principal - ASC Schools Cobham

Lacy Chapman

Lower School Principal

After leaving university, Lacy worked for a few years as an actuary in an insurance company in California before entering the field of education. She earned her teaching credential and Masters Degree in Special Education at San Francisco State University, then taught at elementary, middle and high school levels in California. Lacy earned her Master’s Degree in School Administration from UC Berkeley. She has been a Principal at two elementary schools, before she moved to London in 1995. Lacy has worked in the ACS Lower School for the past 20 years and has loved watching the division grow and change to meet the rapidly changing needs of our students. She values the opportunity to share – with parents and teachers alike – her drive for shaping the lives of young students. Lacy champions the collaborative and supportive environment of the Lower School where students, teachers and parents are encouraged to embrace change and innovation in the pursuit of excellence.