At ACS Cobham we have three extensive library facilities. Our Lower School library is available for all of our students from 2 years old until 10 years old. We also have a dedicated Middle School library for students aged 10 - 14. Our High School library went through a recent full refurbishment for students aged 14 - 18. All the ACS libraries promote reading, build literacy skills, and champion intellectual freedom to support members of their multi-national communities in their growth as passionate readers and lifelong learners; responsible global and digital citizens; and ethical, effective handlers of information. They are the focus for each of our divisions to promote a quiet space for our students to focus on their studies.



The Lower School Library is a busy place where a love of reading is enthusiastically encouraged. Our full spectrum of resources includes literature for pleasure reading, informational materials to find answers for curious minds, and items to support class research and the curriculum.

An international collection of over 16 languages continues to grow to support students’ mother tongue. Classes from PreKindergarten through Grade 4 come for regular lessons with our experienced, certified teacher-librarian. Lessons focus on library skills, use of information, research skills, and literature appreciation. It is also a space where students can come at the end of the school day for some quiet time to read or study as an after school option for parents needing additional care at the end of the school day until 5:30pm.


The Middle School Library is an information hub for the division

The library is not simply a room, it is a vast store of online resources and databases, and provides access to an extensive book collection not only within the ACS library consortium but also through local public libraries and museums. Fostering a love of reading in each and every Middle School student is one of the primary missions of the library, and we provide a reader’s advisory service to make this happen. We are proud to support the mission of the school by creating responsible global citizens and lifelong learners through our staff expertise and the depth of our resources.

Our Middle School library is also an inspiring space where we invite notable authors to come and meet with our students by providing an insight into the works of those authors. We are currently holding virtual visits for our students within the current COVID guidelines. We also have a literacy club which is open to all Middle School students. This has resulted in a number of students publishing their own novels! It is a truly inspiring space which is the centre of our Middle School community.

We are proud to support the mission of the school by creating responsible global citizens and lifelong learners through our staff expertise and the depth of our resources.

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The High School Library

Our High School library has recently undertaken a complete refurbishment and opened in 2019. It includes three wonderful spaces for our students. A collaborative study space for students to work on projects together in an inspiring environment. This includes screens where work can be shared as well as white boards for shared project workings. We also have the traditional library space where students can quietly study during their free study sessions.

In addition we have a bright classroom space where students can work together on projects in an area which can be booked for effective learning. We have full time librarian working with our students to ensure they can fully utilise the excellent resources. The High School Library supports the teaching and learning of the school via a range of printed and electronic resources.