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The issues of data protection and cyber security are increasingly important for global businesses, educational establishments and private individuals. Join us for the first ACS Doha Data Protection and Privacy Conference and hear from leading experts currently working in data protection and cyber security.

Qatar was the first state in the region to recognise in formal legislation the importance of protecting data privacy. The Qatari Data Protection Law, published in November 2016, carried important compliance implications for all organisations in Qatar that process personal data. It is part of a worldwide effort to frame data protection considerations in statutory guidance and law.

The ACS Data Protection and Privacy Conference will address the most important questions that educational institutions must consider as they review the ways they process the personal data of their students, staff and other stakeholders. It will include advice to guide the change process, and feature guest speakers and presenters from bodies within and outside of Qatar who will discuss the challenges and the benefits of the new data landscape we all face. If your organisation is handling personal data, and if you are interested in best practice, we are confident this conference will be helpful to you.

ACS Doha welcomes the participation of other Doha educational establishments and other organisations at this conference. Please contact for more information.

Conference attendees can choose from a variety of workshops by leading experts in this important area, including: 

  • Introduction to Qatar’s Data Protection Law and its implications for Educational Establishments
  • Data Mapping
  • Cyber Security
  • Assuring Data Privacy and Sound Data Governance across your Community
  • Demonstrating Compliance: the policies and procedures you need

Conference Location & Time:

Date: 29 January 2019
Time: 10:30 - 16:00
Location: Middle & High School Learning Hub, ACS Doha International School, Al Oyoun Street, Al Gharafa, Doha, Qatar



Programme & Workshop Information

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Time Programme
10.30 - 11.00 Networking
11.00 - 11.05 Welcome and introduction of Guest of Honour, by Robert Cody, Head of School, ACS Doha International School
11.05 - 11.15

Official Opening
Speech by the Guest of Honour:

Mr. Hamad Al Ghali, Director of Private Schools Licensing, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Qatar.

11.20 - 12.00 Keynote Speech 2
Mark Orchison, Managing Director, 9ine Consulting
Changes to International Protection Law and the Impact on the International Schools in Qatar. 
12.00 - 12.10 Remarks on logistics
Student Representatives - ACS Doha International School
12.15 - 1.15 Lunch
1.20 - 2.20 Workshop 1
Global showcase: data privacy in practice
  Workshop 2
Best practice in data governance 
2.20 - 2.40 Tea Coffee Networking
2.40 - 3.40 Workshop 3
Mastering the Journey to Data Privacy
  Workshop 4
Global showcase: data privacy in practice (repeated workshop)
  Workshop 5
Protecting yourself against cyber threats 

Workshop 6 
Securing Digital Natives

3.45 - 4.00 Closing Address
Parents Representative - ACS Doha International School

Workshop Information

Keynote Speech
Changes to International Data Protection Law and the impact on International Schools in Qatar. 
Learn how data privacy and data protection compliance has influenced education and organisations around the world. Mark will highlight the challenges schools face when working across boarders and the solutions developed to manage compliance with international data protection law.

Speaker: Mark Ochison, Managing Director, 9ine Consulting, United Kingdom

Mark is an experienced Management Consultant with expertise across a range of disciplines. Mark has advised or supported International School groups including ECIS, SGIS, AISA and NESA in the application of global data protection law in their regions. Mark is co-leading the development of a set of data protection standards for Advancement & Admissions for International Schools, an initiative involving CIS, ECIS, International Schools across Europed and other regional school groups.
Workshop 1 & 4: Global showcase: data privacy in practice

In this workshop, we will explore the twelve stages for compliance with data protection law; examining the challenges faced and actions taken to reach a compliant and embedded data privacy culture. Using examples and references from international schools across the world you will leave with practical examples of what to do, and reference points for support and resources in aiding your compliance plan.

Speaker: Dan Cleworth, Senior Consultant, 9ine Consulting, United Kingdom

Dan Cleworth is an experienced GDPR Certified Practitioner and cybersecurity consultant. Working with international schools throughout Europe and Switzerland, Dan brings a wealth of knowledge in the practical steps for compliance in Education.

Workshop 2: Best Practice in Data Governance

While much of today's focus is primarily on Compliance and Data Protection, it is worth remembering why we collect data in the first place: to provide insight to continuously improve our practice, and positively influence student learning outcomes. Good data and data governance are about data quality, efficiency and usefulness, as much as they are about regulation, security and protection. These concepts are mutually beneficial in that good data practice helps to definte and map processes, pathways and risks, whilst clarifying priorities ofr the most effective and impactful uses of data, and processes for dealing with unknowns, or 'gray areas'. To help get your data practice into good shape, we will review the elements of a good 'data workout' that, practiced regularly, can help raise your game. 

Speaker: David Furlow, Data Analyst at ACS International Schools, United Kingdom

David Furlow is a data strategist on the Educational Programmes team at ACS International Schools, leveraging data processing, data analytics and data storytelling to improve student learning outcomes. He has had a diverse career, ranging from directing live television news to interactive game design for medical students, and from virtual reality experience design for theme park attractions to the development of Big Data investigative tools. He has taught a variety of subjects at graduate, university, and middle school levels, and was an Artist-in-Residence at Banff Institute, developing interactive electronic art installations in Vienna, Graz, and Amsterdam. In 2018, he completed a two-year fellowship with the Strategic Data Project, at Harvard University’s Centre for Education Policy Research.

Workshop 3: Mastering the Journey to Data Privacy

In the initial stages of any organisation's journey towards full compliance with the new data protection requirements, simply raising awareness will be a major part of the project. But beyond that, what are the practical steps administrators and data privacy officers need to take to ensure an organisation is meeting its legal and moral responsibilities under the new law? This workshop will look at what needs to be done, by whom and in what order to assure the members and stakeholders in a school or similar educational organisation that their data is protected, that their rights are assured and that the organisation is proactively following its legal duties with regard to protecting data privacy. It will use the experience of ACS International Schools to explain how parents, students, staff, administrators and third parties all have a role to play in the process. It will also demonstrate how the process can build community and extend professional development.

Speaker: Richard Harrold, PhD, Compliance, Accreditation and Policies Officer and Data Protection Officer, Education Programmes, ACS International Schools, United Kingdom

Dr. Richard Harrold has 25 years' experience in international education, specialising in education technology, safeguarding, data protection, curriculum and assessment. He is a former teacher (English, social studies and Mandarin) and is currently an administrator. He has teaching and school administration experience in international schools in Shanghai, Caracas, The Hague, Monterrey, Paris, Doha and Surrey, and experience as a presenter and writer (ECIS, NEASC, Fusion, ELMLE, CEESA, BBC TV, History Channel.)

Workshop 5: Protecting yourself against cyber threats

Basic Tips to Harden your Digital Presence – Understand today’s common threats and attack methods to better protect yourself, your data, and your community.

Speaker: Anthony Wallace, Network Engineer/Security Analyst, Northwestern University in Qatar

Prior to joining the IT team at NU-Q, Anthony Wallace served at The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, first with the information security department and then as a data analyst for security application development. Before that, he performed geo-strategic and cybersecurity analysis for a contracting company in Dallas. Wallace considers himself a forever-learner. His career in information technology began as a fascination and hobby that he has cultivated since childhood. He earned his BA from the University of Oklahoma majoring in international security studies with a minor in Arabic. He spent time studying abroad in Yemen and has a passion for the culture and people of the region. Wallace is currently pursuing a Master’s in Information Security Engineering at the SANS Technical Institute.

Workshop 6: Securing Digital Natives

Cyber Security | Assuring Data Privacy and Sound Data Governance across your Community | Demonstrating Compliance: the policies and procedures you need | Data Protection in security context | Data Protection and Information systems. 

Speaker: Shahzad Jafri, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services, Weill Cornell Medicine Qatar

Shahzad is the Chief Information Officer at Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar. He is responsible for the Information Technology infrastructure as well as Education Computing, Advanced Research Computing and the Business Management Systems at the college. Shahzad has been a part of North American higher education administration and an information technology executive leader for 18 years. Prior to joining Cornell in 2007, Shahzad was the Chief Information Officer of Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada and Assistant Vice Chancellor ITT for North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. He has also served on the boards of numerous professional and community focus organizations.

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ACS International Schools complies with the relevant national data protection regulations in the United Kingdom and in the State of Qatar. ACS is committed to keeping personal information accurate, up-to-date, safe, secure and will not keep personal information longer than necessary. The ACS privacy notice at explains how ACS uses personal information, with whom it is shared and the ways in which ACS protects and accounts for the protections to privacy. This notice applies to all personal data collected for and on behalf of ACS. This pertains to information collected in analogue (forms, documents, in writing) and through technological means such as information systems and email.

ACS is registered in England and Wales under company number 910010, and the registered office is located at Heywood, Portsmouth Road, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1BL. ACS is registered charity number 1179820 in the United Kingdom. ACS is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as ACS International Schools. under registration number ZA483023. ACS is mindful of its responsibilities as a data controller. Consequently, ACS commits to ensuring that personal data is:

  • processed fairly, lawfully and in a transparent manner;
  • collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes;
  • adequate, relevant and not excessive;
  • accurate and up to date;
  • not kept for longer than is necessary.

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