ACS Doha partners with local and international organisations to run annual Sustainability Week


 In line with its mission to empower the youth towards building a sustainable future, ACS International School Doha hosted its annual Sustainability Week from January 24th to January 29th, 2021. Under the theme of ‘Conscious Consumption’, the school engaged students across all levels through initiatives and workshops held in collaboration with Ryan’s Well Foundation and Qatar Cool.

The theme, Conscious Consumption, is globally recognised and refers to an increased awareness of how consumption impacts society at large with the intent to preserve the environment. Students learned the value of only buying what a person needs, avoiding food waste, choosing quality over quantity, and considering second-hand or upcycled products to reduce waste and more. Students also learned about resource management, a way to ensure that the worlds natural resources are not depleted and allocated sustainably so future generations have equal access.

During the Sustainability Week, ACS Doha organised educational workshops and activities. Renowned Canadian charity Ryan’s Well Foundation ran hygiene education and water awareness workshops on the importance of clean water for communities in the poorest regions of the world. The workshops were held by Ryan Hreljac, Founder and CEO of the charity, for Grades 6 to 10 who spoke on the issues surrounding water scarcity, the importance of accessing safe water, and the devastating consequences of living without access to clean drinking water. The workshops were aimed at motivating students to take action and effect positive change in the world.

Collaborating with the greater community, ACS Doha also held on-campus workshops on the topic of Conscious Consumption by Qatar Cool.

Robert Cody, Head of School at ACS Doha, commented on the initiative stating:

A successful future lies in a strong foundation. With our extra-curricular initiatives, we hope to enrich our students beyond the classroom: building capabilities that will allow them to succeed in all spheres of life with the environment being a crucial aspect. 
                                                                          - Robert Cody, Head of School ACS Doha

"The world we live in is characteristic of rapid consumption, with fast fashion and fast food, that we forget to slow down and recognise the high cost to our environment and its resources. Raising awareness on the environment and its natural resources, Sustainability Week aims to connect students with sustainability today to lead Qatar to a greener tomorrow."