Guidance Counsellors

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Head of Students Support Learning Service
Our department differentiates and makes the learning accessible for all, so ACS can inspire all to make a difference.
Head of Students Support Learning Service, ACS Doha

The school has two full-time guidance counsellors

Our programme helps students, parents and teachers achieve a consistent and positive learning experience. Students are encouraged to meet academic goals, and importantly, to improve self-esteem, and develop social and life skills. Assisting children to achieve their full potential is important to all staff members, and we follow a team approach in working to accomplish this.

Key services

  • Individual counselling where educational, social, and personal needs are addressed on a 1-2-1 basis. More serious concerns are referred to outside resources.
  • Small group counselling sessions discuss topics such as self-esteem, friendship, conflict resolution, bullying, peer pressure etc.
  • Classroom guidance in Grades 1 to 9 cover topics such as friendship, peer pressure, peer helpers, body language awareness, and Internet safety.
  • Student appraisals bring together counsellors, teachers, administrators, parents and occasionally outside specialists, to gather information about student abilities, behaviour and needs, in order that appropriate decisions can be made to enhance educational placement and student welfare.
  • Transitioning support to help new students into the school, and also to help 5th Grade students make the step up from Lower to Middle School.
  • Referrals ensure students and their families receive assistance from programmes and services in the school and from outside agencies. Parents are encouraged to contact the counselling office at any time during the school year if they have any questions and/or concerns about their child’s welfare.
  • College Counselling aims to best prepare students for university, or a higher education programme of choice. We also arrange college visits and preparation courses for standardised college entrance exams.
 Jordana Velasco Vega
As a Lower School Counsellor my main purpose is to provide students with tools to develop their social and emotional learning in order for them to have academic success. I approach our work in a holistic way using a “wellness” model which highlights and encourages students’ strengths and abilities. Building a positive relationship with each student and being able to support them is what makes my work worthwhile.
Jordana Velasco Vega, LS Counsellor/Clinical and Child Psychologist