ACS DOHA celebrates graduating class of 2018

NEWS: ACS DOHA celebrates graduating class of 2018

On Friday 25th May, ACS Doha International School hosted its high school graduation ceremony at the Ritz Carlton hotel to celebrate the achievements of 32 graduates, who are ready to start their journey into the world after school. The graduation is the school’s third since opening in 2011.

The ceremony was attended by parents, teachers, students and members of the ACS Board from the UK, with Ms. Ghada Darwish, founder and Chairman of Darwish Law Firm, acting as the ceremony’s guest speaker. Among the many insightful and wise words of wisdom shared by the three speakers, ‘leave a fingerprint’ was the clear theme of the ceremony. Ms. Darwish gave an inspiring speech that urged students to think of their legacies even at the young age of school graduation. She said: 

"I believe that we are all defined with the trail we leave behind us, defined by the effect and impact we leave to our family, community, society and to humanity. When you do, and whatever you do, make sure it is sustainable and worth-doing, make sure it becomes your legacy, leave a trail, and leave a fingerprint behind you."

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Ms. Ghada Darwish, founder and Chairman of Darwish Law Firm

The ceremony was opened by Mr. Robert Cody, the Head of ACS Doha, who addressed the 2017-18 graduates by saying: "I know I speak for all staff when I say I hope our fingerprints have left a lasting positive impression on you, and through knowledge we have inspired you to make a difference."

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Robert Cody, Head of ACS Doha

“Your individual fingerprint is unique to you. It is yours and yours alone. That is amazing. Throughout all time and eternity, no one has or will have the same fingerprints as you. Isn’t that the same as your educational journey? Your parents and ancestors have made this opportunity possible. But the journey is uniquely yours.”

ACS Doha is one of the country’s leading international schools, offering a strong core curriculum built on the International Baccalaureate Middle Years (IBMYP) and Diploma Programme (IBDP), as well as the option of a US High School Diploma, with students hailing from over 70 different countries. As one of the leading schools in the country, ACS Doha has a strong College Counselling Programme, guiding each student to find exactly what they wish to pursue after graduation.

The programme evaluates each student, finding their interests, inspirations and personal strengths. Graduating students have been accepted into some of the world’s most prestigious universities, and will take up places in the UK, USA, Canada, and Egypt, as well as to Education City universities and Qatar University.

Mr. Trevor Furness, ACS Doha High School Principal was present to give out the Senior Awards, saying: "Our graduates are moving into a world far more complex, challenging and demanding than any preceding generation. Are our Post Millennials up to the daunting task? I am not alone in believing that they have the dispositions, skills and critical attributes to make significant changes to the world’s present trajectory."

Furness continued: “The graduates here tonight have immense potential to overhaul our world by restoring balance and coherence. They will act in unison, will utilize all resources equitably, and be part of a global citizenry that will develop global solutions. They will not leave light fingerprints on the world when they are done. Their impressions will be long lasting and transformative. Tonight, we are proud and privileged to witness the genesis of a brighter future.”