ACS Doha celebrates national and international cultures with two special events

School children in national attire

ACS Doha, one of Qatar’s leading international schools, has held two special events in December to celebrate national and international cultures.

On 6 December 2018, the school hosted its eighth International Fair, the theme of which was ‘international mindedness’. In the run up to the event, students of all ages took part in activities such as wearing their country’s national dress to class, parading their country’s national flag through the school, and transforming each classroom into a different country. For the International Fair itself, students and parents enjoyed a buffet of food and drink from around the world as well as performances by students inspired by music from different countries.

In addition, on 11 December 2018, ACS Doha celebrated Qatar National Day through activities including a buffet of traditional Qatari food, singing the Qatari national anthem and other traditional songs, and wearing traditional Qatari or maroon and white dress for the day. Both events were designed to help ACS Doha’s students develop a greater understanding of cultures around the world. They reflect the values that the school hopes to encourage in its pupils – integrity, open-mindedness and empathy.

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Robert Cody, Head of School at ACS Doha, said of the events: "At ACS we welcome people of all cultures from around the world to create a powerful, shared experience that shapes the way we teach and learn, and actively defines our international character. Events like our International Fair and Qatar National Day celebrations help us to do this. By highlighting cultures from around the world we aim to promote open-mindedness and tolerance of difference among all our students. And it’s very important to us that we integrate our internationalism with the vibrant local traditions, culture and history of Qatar.”

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ACS Doha is part of ACS International Schools, serving both local and international families in the State of Qatar. ACS Doha is co-educational, enrolling students aged three to 18 years. Since it opened in Qatar seven years ago, ACS Doha has distinguished itself by delivering a rigorous academic education that respects the diversity of its international student body, and the individuality of learning styles. The school recently announced a partnership with Al Jaber Group to build a brand new, state-of-the-art student campus in Doha. The new school will have a capacity of 2,470 students and will open in August 2020.