ACS DOHA students get to grips with entrepreneurial values at QBIC

NEWS: ACS DOHA students get to grips with entrepreneurial values at QBIC

ACS Doha International School students discovered how learning skills can be applied to the workplace during a visit to the Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC) on 18th April 2018. In line with the school’s mission to inspire students to make a difference, the two-hour event provided an opportunity to learn about the process and steps required to become a promising entrepreneur.

QBIC is the largest mixed-use business incubation center in the MENA Region, providing support services, workspace, and assistance with funding to entrepreneurs and companies who have an idea to start a business and empowering them to pursue their journey of success. After hearing about the center’s four-year history and exciting mission to develop the next QAR 100 million company, students at ACS Doha toured QBIC to view their office spaces, training rooms, and incubation workshops, as well as QBIC’s latest, state-of-the-art Fabrication Laboratory or ‘Fab Lab.’

This allowed them to experience and test a wide range of cutting-edge tools and programs, which are used to help the incubatees to digitally fabricate products or product prototypes. Students also practiced the entrepreneurial process of adopting new ideas and thinking about how those ideas could then be turned into a successful business. They also got the opportunity to meet some of the entrepreneurs at QBIC and had the chance to talk to and learn more about their journey towards creating a successful startup.

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The Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC)

Aysha Al-Romaihi, QBIC’s Business Development Manager, was present to answer the students' questions regarding the process of starting any business - such as the planning, costs, sponsorship and much more. Al Romaihi said: "It was wonderful to host the students at QBIC; it’s always great to fill the building with energy and enthusiasm." “Developing the next successful startup really starts with the younger generation; they represent the visionaries and innovators who will lead Qatar’s knowledge-based economy transformation and it’s so great to see how these students are interested in entrepreneurship and starting their own business.”

Mrs. Rania Haddadeen, Middle and High School Learning Support teacher at ACS Doha added: "Students were very impressed with the advanced technologies available at QBIC, as well as the various success stories from different incubatees. This was a very good opportunity for the students to obtain firsthand information and experience about how an incubation center works."

“ACS Doha International School always aims to encourage student-led learning- and this trip has allowed them to get curious, explore for themselves, and have their questions answered.”