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Sports Curriculum

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Jaguar Sports

Playing in a team is one part of school life we believe every student should experience, whatever their level. Our programme is positive, inclusive, and encourages students to be well-rounded individuals. From personal fitness classes to highly competitive Varsity teams, we take most pride in the fact that almost every one of our students will be a part of our programme during their time with us.

ACS Egham students love being Jaguars. Through competitive and non-competitive sports, all enjoy the benefits of improved health and greater self-confidence in the abilities and capabilities.
Lower School student walking on PE bench

Lower School Sports Programme

In the Lower School our clubs programme, comprising soccer, judo, tennis, basketball, dance, track & field and other activities, places a strong emphasis on physical fitness and an active lifestyle.

Students playing volleyball on school field

Middle School Sports Programme

In the Middle School every student has the chance to play on a team, regardless of their ability or experience.

HS Sports

High School Sports Programme

High School students take advantage of our membership in the International School Sports Association, playing Varsity tournaments in Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, and Golf across Europe.

These overseas trips double as great cultural experiences, giving our students the opportunity to meet and forge friendships with fellow athletes from other European schools. We also play other international schools in the London area, and participate in local tournaments.

ACS Egham student longjumping
If your child joins ACS Egham, we hope that he or she will become an integral part of the school's sporting life, not only gaining valuable athletic experience, but also building strong friendships along the way. It is an all-inclusive programme that allows everyone to try new skills and share positive experiences.
Bill Roach, Athletics Director, ACS Egham

Sports Calendar

Autumn (September - November)
  • Soccer
  • Cross-Country
  • Volleyball 
Winter (November - March)
  • Basketball
  • Dance
  • Badminton
  • Rugby
Spring (March - May)
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Softball 

ACS Egham Sports Teams

Autumn Teams
High School Girls Cross-Country High School Boys Cross-Country Middle School Girls Cross-Country
Middle School Boys Cross-Country Varsity Girls Soccer Varsity Boys Soccer
Junior Varsity Boys Soccer Middle School Boys Soccer A Middle School Boys Soccer B
Middle School Boys Soccer C Middle School Girls Soccer A Middle School Girls Soccer B
Varsity Girls Volleyball Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball Varsity Boys Volleyball
High School Badminton Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball Middle School Girls Volleyball A
Middle School Girls Volleyball B Middle School Boys Volleyball A  
Winter Teams
Varsity Boys Basketball Varsity Girls Basketball Junior Boys Basketball
Junior Girls Basketball High School Girls Rugby Middle School Boys Basketball A
Middle School Boys Basketball B Middle School Girls Basketball B Middle School Boys Rugby A (U14)
Middle School Boys Rugby B (U13) High School Boys Rugby (*U16) Middle School Dance
High School Dance    
Spring Teams
High School Girls Tennis High School Boys Tennis Middle School Girls Tennis
Middle School Boys Tennis Middle School Boys Baseball  Middle School Girls Softball
High School Golf (co-ed team) Middle School Golf (co-ed team) High School Boys Track & Field
High School Girls Track & Field Middle School Boys Track & Field Middle School Girls Track & Field
Varsity Girls Soccer Middle School Badminton  

Recent Athletic Achievements

2017 2016 2015
ISSA Girls Basketball Champions ISSA Girls Basketball Champions ISSA Boys Varsity Basketball Champions
ISSA Boys Varsity Tennis 3rd Place ISSA Boys Basketball Champions ISST Boys Varsity Soccer 2nd Place
ISSA Girls Varsity Tennis 3rd Place LSSA Boys Soccer Champions ISSA Girls Varsity Soccer 2nd Place
ISSA Boys Volleyball Champions ISSA Girls Volleyball 2nd Place
ISSA Boys Tennis 2nd Place LSSA Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball 3rd Place
LSSA Boys Junior Varsity Volleyball 2nd Place
ISSA Girls Tennis 3rd Place
LSSA Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball 3rd Place