The world is changing. And so are we.

Are you ready?

Introducing our new brand…

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1. How did we get here?

The conception of the new brand is the result of extensive market research and consultation with our broad stakeholder group, including parents, students, staff, alumni, Board of trustees, Chief Executive, relocation professionals, and boarding agents. Thank you to all who contributed to this process. Our new brand identity takes into account all stakeholder feedback and reflects and inspires the community that makes us unique.

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2. Why now?

The world is changing fast. Now, more than ever, our students need to be prepared for the challenges and opportunities they will face in the future. At ACS we have always been clear about our role: To prepare a new kind of citizen for the world. One that asks new and innovative questions – and is ready for an interconnected future. Now we have evolved our brand to reflect who we are in today’s complex and ever-changing landscape: ACS prepares students to be Ready for a world that demands a new kind of learning – and a new kind of citizen.

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3. Our new Identity

We wanted an idea that communicates the vast breadth and depth of the curricular and co-curricular education we provide all our students. So we’ve taken dozens of symbols – from across language, music, art, science and sport – and brought them together in our new identity as a globe. Each of our schools has its own version of our new identity, in a more vibrant variant of the colours that are already associated with Cobham, Egham, Hillingdon and Doha.

What’s in a name?

ACS International Schools has an established name in international education and the organisation has been providing international education for international families for over 50 years. As an organisation we’re proud of our ACS name. It is an established part of our heritage and identity. ACS is an acronym that stands as mark of quality for our 4 schools.

Our new logo

New Logos

Over the past couple of weeks we have shared the new brand with all of our staff across our four campuses. Please see below a snapshot of some of the pictures taken at these events!

Brand Launch final