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Pastoral Care

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At ACS, we understand every child needs to feel secure and confident to learn well.

We believe that the social and emotional development of a child and the enhancement of positive self-esteem are as important as academic growth and are essential for a child to reach his or her full potential. From your first day with us, your child will become part of a caring classroom community where everyone is a valued member.

Our Character Education Programme, led by our dedicated school counsellor, focuses on personal, social and emotional learning through classroom lessons. This programme is part of a larger scope and sequence entitled “Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship, and Economic Education” (PSHCEe), which supports children in developing effective relationships, assuming greater personal responsibility, managing personal safety and being active participants in the wider world. In addition to leading our peer mentors, coordinating regular assemblies, and supporting new students, our counsellor works closely with parents and teachers to identify and address the specific needs of every student.


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Helping children through the highs and lows

As a student, your child experiences a range of changes and emotions as they navigate the academic, social, and personal triumphs and challenges of school. Building connections with other students and having a sense of belonging is essential for each student, whether they spend their whole academic career at ACS Hillingdon or are only here for a year.

A School Counsellor can serve as a consistent adult for students to turn to throughout their time in school. The role of the School Counsellor is to help children through the highs and lows that come with growing up in an ever-changing world.

In the Lower School, character education lessons focus on kindness, respect, celebrating diversity, empathy, and much more. Small group sessions may focus on building friendships and social skills. Individual work with students can focus on any aspect of feelings, friends, family, and school. We work with students to foster a growth mindset and take care of themselves and one another.

Miriam Kanya, Ex-Student at ACS Hillingdon
Everyone has been very supportive, both in academics and my wellbeing leading to a great learning experience. I struggle to pin down one thing as I enjoyed every bit of my experience at ACS Hillingdon.
Miriam Kanya, High School Student at ACS Hillingdon

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ACS recognises that safeguarding and child protection are every community member’s responsibility and we take this matter very seriously in all our schools.

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