Two students work together in the High School library at ACS Hillingdon

Welcome to High School at ACS Hillingdon

Grades 9 to 12 | Ages 14 to 18

We examine each student’s learning style and provide them with an individual path to achievement.

What does success look like to us? A student who is confident in their skill set, with an appetite for lifelong learning. We deliver this through the breadth of our programme which incorporates the International Baccalaureate Diploma, Advanced Placement courses, Honours Classes, the running of meaningful co-curricular activities, and the excellent provision for social and emotional welfare. Individual learning is at the heart of our approach.

Our experienced and committed staff seed the drive and insight that inspires young minds to set and meet their own goals. By utilising pioneering technology, instilling an appreciation of cultural diversity, and encouraging students to be involved in local and international community projects, our students leave us as globally-minded, digital citizens, ready to benefit from an evolving world of opportunity.

Exhilarating decision-making, and the realisation of dreams.
Lisa Blair, Upper School Principal
Since joining ACS Hillingdon in August 2018, I have been overwhelmed by the caring, nurturing environment; the expertise and dedication of staff; the support of parents, and the energy, diversity and talent of our student body. We support the development of our students so as to foster their talents and help them to cope with the difficult transitions and to become resourceful, responsible, and equipped to shape the world around them in positive ways.
Lisa Blair, Upper School Principal (middle & high)
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University & Careers

Through the International Baccalaureate and the Advanced Placement we meet the college preparatory needs of our entire student body. This fact, above all others, enables us to best prepare each graduate to succeed at the university of their choice. We understand our students as individuals, and motivate them accordingly through well-resourced, professional guidance.

Our relationship with top universities around the world allows us to best direct the ambitions of our students. Our strong partnership with parents ensures we are all working to achieve a common goal. We are proud that our Alumni have gone on to pursue an eclectic range of careers in medicine, law, business, journalism, and humanitarian aid work, as well as acting, scriptwriting and even DJing. Individuality really matters.

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What subjects to expect

ACS Hillingdon delivers success through its diverse and rigorous curriculum. Providing a dynamic mix of co-curricular experiences is also an essential part of our programme.

We understand that our responsibility is not just about the academic education of our students but also to ensure that we accommodate their diverse needs and interests. As part of the High School experience, students have the opportunity to participate in numerous field trips, which have recently included Scotland, Amsterdam and Athens for English, Film Studies and Drama students; but there are many other day and overnight trips which are considered part of our curriculum.

In order to nurture the extensive talents of our students and to widen their learning experience, all students are offered extra-curricular activities, ranging from work for charitable organisations such as Amnesty International to sporting and debating clubs and a wide variety in between.

High School students work in white coats in the ACS Hillingdon science labs

Science Matters at ACS Hillingdon

Find out what our High School students think about life’s difficult scientific questions!

Two students work in a science lab
It is an intense program but the experience that I have gained from it is truly extraordinary. In terms of subject choices, it has given me an opportunity to pick the subjects I need plus the subjects I love as well- there is almost no limit to what you can do within the course.
ACS Hillingdon High School student