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Welcome to the Career Guidance Department

It is the mission of the department to assist students in finding the right “fit” for their future university studies. “Fit” is defined as finding an institution that meets the academic, emotional, geographical and financial needs of the student. This improves a student’s likelihood of graduating from a chosen college or university, as well as ultimate success in their chosen field of work. Two dedicated members of staff provide a number of resources for the students at ACS Hillingdon, including:

  • Researching potential future universities using online tools such as BridgeU, Big Future (College Board) and UCAS
  • Essay/personal statement writing workshops and regular individual sessions
  • Career path advising
  • Standardised test advising
  • Financial aid/scholarship advising
  • Welcoming university representatives during college/university visits and fairs
  • Working with all stakeholders to develop an academic plan suitable for the student’s potential academic pursuits
  • Recommend Summer programmes and subject taster sessions to aid in discovering and understanding university degree programs
  • Regularly inform all stakeholders of relevant and current admissions information
It is the mission of the department to assist students in finding the right “fit” for their future university studies.

Meet the counsellor

The staff and faculty are committed to the students at ACS Hillingdon International School and strive to ensure a successful transition to future college or university success. For more information please contact our college counsellor.

Standardised Testing

We encourage all of our students to take standardised tests, regardless of their future educational plans. All Grade 11 students take the PSAT. Please be advised that some test dates fill up very quickly; thus, we suggest early registration.

College Board service for students with disabilities
ACT services for students with disabilities




FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a form that needs to be completed by those attending US colleges and universities.  It allows the US Government to determine an estimated family contribution (EFC) for a student’s financial aid package.