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ACS has a long history of harnessing the best new technologies to differentiate the way we deliver a relevant and progressive education.

At ACS Doha, we understand the importance of delivering technology skills to our students that will not only empower them to thrive in today's technological age but will equip them with the skills to compete as the leaders of the future.

We provide a digital platform for our teachers and students to help them actively and positively engage in teaching and learning activities across the school. We believe that technological aid enhances and improve students learning outcomes as well as supporting our teachers in the delivery of a quality, interactive education.

IT in the Classroom

ACS’s vision for digital learning is that technology is ubiquitous, seamless and embedded in teaching and learning. We are preparing our students to be lifelong learners and to flourish in a dynamic global society. Supporting cross-curricular links with ICT is of the utmost importance in any modern curriculum. The meaningful integration of technology enables our students to communicate and collaborate confidently, develop critical research skills and gain knowledge through the use of media-rich projects.

Throughout their time at ACS Doha, our students learn to manage technology effectively and become skilled digital citizens, under the guidance of experienced and specialist teachers. We aim to ensure that our students are able to use technologies critically and safely, ensuring that they are confident users in a range of contexts with a clear understanding of the benefits and associated risks. As well as being an important curriculum requirement, the ability to use ICT effectively is a vital life skill in the 21st century. ICT is a part of all subject areas so our goal is to maximize the efficient use of technology to help students create and evaluate as they go about their regular day. 

Find out more about Information and Communication technology (ICT) in Lower School and Upper School by clicking on the links below:

ICT in Lower School

ICT experience is introduced in Kindergarten and we ensure that our teaching environment encourages curiosity, exploration, initiative, problem solving and improvisation. We place a high value on developing children to be adaptable, confident and creative thinkers with a life-long love of learning to best prepare them for the future. Our teachers provide a relevant, integrated and stimulating education that is designed to relate the classrom experience with the modern, real world. Students use a variety of technology, tools and resources in Lower School. A dedicated Lower School Technology Coach supports teachers and students in their learning from Kindergarten to Grade 5.

1:1 iPad Programme

ACS Doha International School is committed to providing a meaningful and quality education to its students. Through our K-4 one-to-one iPad program we aim to develop learners who are confident and effective users of ICT but also confident and effective creators through the application of technology in all areas of their schooling. 

Our research, coupled with the success of our 1:1 iPad programme in Grades K-3 to date, shows that equipping our teachers and students with the appropriate technology and tools contributes to excellence in teaching and learning practices. Based on these encouraging results, we are expanding the 1:1 iPad programme to Grade 4 for 2018-19. While iPads are one means by which teachers and students may share the quest for knowledge together, they do not replace teachers’ roles as instructors and students’ roles as active, inquisitive learners. In this regard, our teachers continue to guide all aspects of a lesson and closely supervise students while integrating technology in class.

ICT in Upper School

As students get older and progress through the school, they are introduced to an broad selection of new technologies, tools and applications to support them in their studies and learning. Examples include:

  • Video editing with iMovie
  • Write, arrange and produce music tracks with GarageBand
  • Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop in Technology and Art Class
  • IBDP Art students use Cintiq art tables and have access to DSLR and video cameras.
  • IBMYP Design and Technology students use TinkerCAD to create 3D models and Ready Maker to create video games.
  • The Robotics Club has multiple Mindstorm EV3 sets and a modified vacuum robot, programmed using C#
  • Digital citizenship in Media Class

BYOD Laptop Programme

ACS Doha International School runs a “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) laptop programme for High School students (Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12). Our BYOD laptop programme presents students with more opportunities for personalized learning and allows students to excel at their own pace.

How does it work:

High School students are required to bring a family-owned laptop to school each day. Structured BYOD sessions are provided to students throughout the start of the school year, enabling them to access the BYOD Wi-Fi and printer networks and become familiar with important school applications and tools like Google Drive, email and Microsoft Office.

Tracking your child’s progress


ACS Doha uses a market leading student information management system called PowerSchool to provide parents and guardians with direct access to their child's academic information, including grades and reports.

Forms Online

When your child joins the ACS Doha community, we receive your child’s information through a purpose-built platform called Forms Online. All emergency contacts, health forms, parent directory links, field trip permission and image consent data, is required from both new and returning parents. Forms Online provides parents and guardians with a convenient way to update important information quickly and easily from anywhere in the world.

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