Emiko Nakayama, ACS Hillingdon Class of 1999

Jake Maccoby, ACS Cobham Class of 2005

"Many ACS students will become future leaders and decision-makers across the world because their time at ACS allowed them to freely explore cultural diversity and what it means to be a global citizen. ACS provides a solid foundation, both socially and in the classroom, for each student to gain the skills they need to really make a difference in whichever society they decide to shape."


- Jake

ACS Alumni Story

As an ACS Cobham student for the duration of his school life, Jake’s story is one that shows the real impact that life at an international school can make. The fourteen years he spent at ACS Cobham helped him to see the world from a broad range of perspectives, and he now uses that experience to make positive contributions to society through his career.

“One of the things that I gained from my experience at ACS was an understanding of what it means to be a global citizen, and how people of different backgrounds and communities can work together to make progress,” he said. “The time I spent at ACS, in class and with friends from around the world, not only helped to drive my interest in public service, it also gave me some of the tools I needed to get to work.”

While at ACS Cobham, Jake developed a passion for the English language. His enthusiasm and skill for writing, combined with his international experience and an interest in American politics, led him eventually to pursue a career in communications, working primarily in politics and for the United States government in Washington, D.C. After finishing his studies at ACS Cobham, he moved to the United States to pursue his bachelor’s degree at Tufts University. And after he graduated, he stayed in close touch with friends he made at ACS.

Over the last seven years in Washington, Jake has taken on a variety of roles – from working on President Barack Obama’s debate preparation team during the 2012 presidential election, to serving as Chief Speechwriter for two Attorneys General, to serving as a Policy Advisor on the Hillary for America campaign.

Jake recently shared his personal story and experiences with over 200 Cobham students, reflecting on how his time at ACS shaped him as an individual and equipped him with the skills to succeed in an ever-changing and highly competitive world. 

“As someone who grew up at ACS, it was a pleasure to speak with current students about public service,” said Jake. “I enjoyed hearing them talk about what motivates them – and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do and achieve next.”