ACS DOHA celebrates graduating class of 2019

ACS DOHA celebrates graduating class of 2019

ACS Doha International School has hosted its high school graduation ceremony at the Ritz Carlton hotel to celebrate the achievements of 39 graduating students who will now set out to broaden their horizons into further education.

The ceremony – which is the school’s fourth since opening in Doha in 2011 – was attended by parents, teachers, students, and members of the ACS Board from the UK, with Dr. Aisha Al-Obaidly, Director of Capacity Building at the Qatar National Research Fund, acting as the ceremony’s guest speaker for this year. The overarching theme of this year’s graduation ceremony was ‘ready’. Dr. Al-Obaidly provided audience members with an inspiring speech in which she urged students to tackle any challenges which come their way after graduation. She said:

Motivation in any and every form is essential as it helps us maintain our focus and realise the true value of our aims. Your graduation today is a significant event and it has made you one step closer to the responsibilities and challenges of adulthood. From your school, many of you will go to unfamiliar surroundings, many of you will travel abroad and will have to integrate in different cultures, study new things, meet new people, and face new challenges. 

She added: “Dealing with all this on your own can be a bit overwhelming as you adjust, however always remember why you are there in the first place and always look back to where you have come from. From my experience in the UK I learned, ‘a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor’. The way we deal with challenges outside our comfort zone is a reflection of our skills and abilities, hence I urge all of you to embrace the challenges you’ll face and tackle them with courage.” The ceremony was initiated by Mr. Robert Cody, Head of ACS Doha, who addressed the 2018–19 graduates by saying:

For the graduating class of 2019, think about the next significant moment in your life, do you know the time and place of that moment. Maybe? Maybe not. Many moments of dramatic change in your life will happen with minimal warning. So, you will need to be ready. Ready for whatever comes your way. Ready for happiness. Ready for challenges. Ready for the life you have always dreamed of. 

Present at the ceremony to give the Founders’ Award was Mr. Tim Cagney, Chief Executive of ACS International Schools. The Founders’ Award is presented to a high school graduate who has demonstrated excellent academic achievement. Commenting on the side-lines of the graduation, Mr. Cagney said:

ACS is one of the superior premium schools in Doha, our results and ethos is unrivalled and around the world, many schools are asking us how do we do it? We say that we’ve got the right people, the right development, and most importantly we have the right DNA. It’s about quality, quality of staff, internationalism and that we’re a big community. And that, as far as ACS is concerned is what everybody is trying to copy.

ACS Doha is one of the country’s leading international schools, offering a strong core curriculum built on the International Baccalaureate Middle Years (IBMYP) and Diploma Programme (IBDP), as well as the option of a US High School Diploma, with students hailing from over 70 different countries. As one of the leading schools in the country, ACS Doha has a strong College Counselling Programme, guiding each student to find exactly what they wish to pursue after graduation. The programme evaluates each student, finding their interests, inspirations and personal strengths. Graduating students have been accepted into some of the world’s most prestigious universities, and will take up places in the UK, USA, Canada, and Egypt, as well as to Education City universities and Qatar University.

Mr. Trevor Furness, ACS Doha High School Principal was also present and spoke to guests about the importance of further and higher education. He said:

Over the last 50 years the following trends have become clear. Those who earn college or post school credentials are seldom without a job, live in stable and prosperous relationships, are adaptable and flexible in the workplace. For those without skills, the story is far less favourable. Statistics indicate they have more chance of erratic employment, are inclined to be socially inept, do not always maintain family relationships and struggle to live productive, happy lives. There would seem to be a very strong connection between further education and productivity.