Corporate Partners

What could you offer our partnership hub?

Alongside our partnership hubs of schools, we are keen to partner with external organisations to support opportunities identified to enhance the education of children at our member schools.

Access to industry expertise and resources is vital to the success of our partnership hub and through close relationships with these organisations we can offer substantial experiential learning opportunities to students and staff.

  • Factory or facilities tours – Access to the workplace through internships, work experience, class tours or even a virtual tour would greatly enhance classroom teaching.
  • Links to subject experts/specialists – Guest speakers, virtual drop ins, clients for projects, support with research, class/individual mentors.
  • Services – Subscriptions, software, hardware or staff time and expertise which might assist our member schools.
  • Funding – Sponsor one of our partnership hub events such as ‘science week’, CPD session or an educational conference.

What can we offer your organisation?

Direct access to education

Many organisations are keen to educate future talent and provide skills and knowledge needed for prospective employees.

Educational Expertise

Assistance with building training programmes or adapting to special educational needs within an organisation.

Facilities and resources

Access to theatres, school facilities for conferences, training or events.


All collaborative activity will feature on partner school websites and on social media feeds. Partner staff can get involved in charitable activity.  Give your staff an opportunity to work with us on life changing educational charity provision, alongside students and teachers.

Collaborative charitable giving

Students can work with your organisation to promote awareness of an appropriate cause, fundraise and action charitable opportunities.

Impact reporting

We offer a full impact reporting service alongside all interaction. This includes presentations to company boards and management teams. Highlighting the impact your collaboration has had on education.

partner expectation

Expectations of Partner Organisations

  • All prospective partner organisations will complete a partnership agreement alongside ACS International Schools.
  • Proposed partners must be appropriate and align with our values, provide efficiencies, improve user experience/education, or enhance public benefit in some way. We have a strict due diligence procedure which will ensure that all parties are appropriate and suitable to be a part of the ACS Partnerships Hub.
  • Partner organisation staff will always be supervised on school campuses unless they have completed the required checks.
  • Every twelve months all partnership agreements are evaluated and the impact of the partnership will define the ongoing relationship between the organisation and the ACS Partnership Hub.
  • All publications which include reference to partnership schools must be agreed by the schools involved (particularly when considering safeguarding of vulnerable minors).
  • Partner organisations will always gain approval from ACS for any use of our identity, branding or copyright in their own communications.

To sign up and partner with ACS International Schools please click here.


Partnering with ACS International Schools

Strength in numbers and the power of pooled resources is essential to the enhancement of education, allowing students from all backgrounds to achieve academic and extra-curricular success.

Partnerships between schools, universities and businesses enable us to share best practice, offer opportunities unavailable independently and inspire the generations of the future.

Partnerships can take many forms including financial support, access to resources or expertise or collaborations between organisations which give access to previously unattainable educational outcomes.

A true partnership offers something to everyone involved and here at ACS we are keen to explore relationships with other organisations and individuals.

To partner with us please download our Partnerships App from the Apple App Store or Google Play for android devices to access the Partnership Agreement proforma. Alternatively, click the link below.