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Using Our Facilities & Resources


ACS International Schools became a registered charity in 2018 and we are beginning a partnerships journey to collaborate with universities, businesses, schools and charities to enhance education on a local, national and international platform.

Wherever possible we will make our resources and facilities available to others to offer educational opportunities to school age children and school staff.

The Use Our Resources/Faciilities section of our Partnerships App, available from the Apple App Store or Google Play for android devices, will enable you to see which resources are available at our four campuses, browse our resources, risk assessments and procedures before getting in touch to see if we can accommodate your request. The Request to Use a Facility proforma can also be found on our app.

Our facility priority will be to the students attending ACS Schools, but if a resource or facility is available, then we would gladly open it to local schools or businesses offering educational experiences or enhancement.

We offer:

  • Performing Arts centre
  • Sports CafĂ©
  • Sports hall
  • Dance studio
  • Swimming pool
  • New astroturf pitches
  • Football pitches
  • Science laboratories
  • Various sized meeting rooms

We will wherever possible make this free to schools, however there may be a small cost to cover incidentals such as life guards, cleaning, theatre technicians and catering.

If you wish to hire this for organisational use at a rate decided by ACS Schools then fees will be sent upon application.

Please note that our facilities cannot be hired for personal use i.e. birthday parties.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.