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Find out more about the international sports memberships and tournaments that ACS Hillingdon participates in below.


The London School Sports Association (LSSA) is made up of six International Schools in London. Member schools include ACS Hillingdon, ACS Egham, ACS Cobham, Marymount International School, TASIS and the American School of London - with our Middle and High school teams competing in weekly fixtures against other member schools. The ACS Hillingdon Athletics Department offers 11 sports over three seasons across the Middle and High schools which are all also offered by other member LSSA schools. 
At the end of each junior varsity season, tournaments are held at various member school sites, where teams compete for an LSSA championship. Middle school teams will participate in an end of season festival in which placings will not be scored and all teams will play 3-4 games over the course of the day. 
Four annual meetings are held amongst the LSSA school athletic directors to plan accordingly for the school year and seasons ahead. Member schools athletics programmes have similar athletics philosophies which are student centred. The LSSA follows rules and guidelines outlined in the league handbook, which is updated from season to season, and year to year based on the necessity for change and by feedback from those within our athletics programmes. 


Now in its 50th year, The International Schools Sports Tournament (ISST) is an organisation that services 23 international schools across 11 European and Middle Eastern countries. It is considered by many as a pioneer organisation in International School sports competition.

The ISST is fundamentally a Varsity athletic organisation which governs competitive athletic championships for its 23 member schools. The ISST currently sanctions twelve sports for 22 varsity championships and three Junior championships annually across two divisions. As a member of ISST, we send our varsity teams to championship events to conclude each season.

Statement of Sportsmanship

ACS Hillingdon aims to provide a venue for athletes from the member schools to compete in an environment that is safe, challenging, professional and educational.  Each athlete is given the opportunity to demonstrate her/his best athletic ability while maintaining a spirit of respect and cooperation with fellow athletes from various international backgrounds.

Each event involves students and adults in their different roles; these include the athletes, coaches, sports officials and spectators. All those involved in the event are expected to uphold the same spirit of respect and cooperation. This spirit is demonstrated by fair play among athletes, positive encouragement from coaches, impartial judgments from officials and respectful enthusiasm from spectators.


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