Funding Future Minds

Supporting ACS families in hardship

2020 was been a challenging year, with the immediate impact of COVID-19 and the lasting fall-out of a global pandemic to contend with.

Here at ACS, we have seen a significant number of families facing sudden financial hardship due to a drastic change in their circumstances. And without support, many will have no option but to withdraw their children from our schools.

The last thing any parent wants to do is disrupt their child’s education, especially when all they need is a short reprieve while they put alternative plans in place for the payment of fees.

That’s why we’re launching the ACS Hardship Appeal, with the aim of supporting a dedicated fund to make discretionary payments - typically equivalent to one semester of fees - to bridge a family over their crisis point. Our Hardship Awards are for existing ACS families and all Grades are eligible to apply, however priority will be given to students where continuity of education is especially critical, such as in High School.

Award applications are strictly means-tested, assessed by the Hardship Awards Panel (ACS reserves the right to use a third party to undertake further means-testing) and resulting awards are made on the basis of and in relation to a family’s individual financial circumstances.




This year, we have already doubled the support that ACS gives to families in this area, but we are mindful that we also have other philanthropic priorities and we now need our parents, alumni and friends to come together.

Your kindness and generosity can make such a difference. And what a great example of compassion you’ll be setting while supporting students to stay firmly on the path to future success.

As a community, we have the power to make a life-changing difference to these families. So please give now to support a family in your school and help ensure that a temporary crisis doesn’t become a major barrier to a young person’s education and progress in life.

You can earmark your gift to a specific school if you wish.

Please read our FAQS here to find out further information about the appeal.