Duty Supervisor

Date Posted: 30/05/2019

ACS Doha are looking for an experienced Duty Supervisor to start in August 2019.


The primary role of the Duty Supervisor is to monitor students during key times of the day within a variety of school environments i.e. playgrounds, hallways, classrooms, library, morning drop-off and pick-up areas, cafeteria; report observations and incidents related to specific students i.e discipline, accidents, etc.; monitor playground equipment; additional or different school related tasks may be assigned as required.


  • Act as a supervisor at key times in the school day for children ages 3-18
  • Ensure a safe and inclusive environment that enables positive interactions between students and adults and amongst the student themselves, in which they (the students) assume an active role
  • Monitor students during morning drop-off, lunch/recess, study hall, library, after school pick-up times and other times as needed.
  • Support in classroom, library or other locations around school, as requested.
  • Support whole school days; Family Fun Day, Sports Day etc.
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned.


  • Prior experience working with school aged children preferred. Preference is given to those with work experience in an accredited elementary, middle or secondary school.
  • Enthusiastic willingness to work with children
  • Strong oral and written English communication skills.
  • Arabic language skills are beneficial.
  • Candidates must be holding a valid Residence permit and residing in Qatar.
  • Skills to understand and carry out oral and written instructions; make common sense decisions
  • Ability to exercise tact, patience, kindness and positive attitude.
  • Ability to communicate, interact and work effectively and cooperatively with a variety of age groups (young children to adults) including those from diverse ethnic and educational backgrounds.
  • Ability to stand, walk and work in hot outdoor environments for prolonged periods, adhere to schedules, be observant, work independently. Significant physical abilities include: stooping, reaching/handling, talking/hearing, far vision acuity/field of vision.