School Nurse

Date Posted: 02/09/2019

We are looking for a School Nurse. 

Type of appointment:

Term time: Sunday through Thursday: 7:00am- 04:00pm. On call all during school days. Required attendance for all-in service and pre and post planning days (to be paid extra if these days are not the regular days worked.)


The ability to learn at school is directly related to status of a student’s health. The school nurse strengthens and facilitates the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of students., by identifying and enabling the removal or modification of health related barriers to the learning process of the students. The school nurse facilitates a positive student response to normal development milestone by promoting health and preventing ill heath. This includes promoting health and safety in the school environment. Providing health services to students, faculty, and staff, and to educate the school community in sound health practices.

Duties and Responsibilities

First Aid and Care of The Sick or Injured.

  • Provides emergency care in case of illness and administer first aid in case of injury to students, faculty, staff and family members on campus n accordance in accepted principles of practice and established policies and procedures.
  • Determine whether or not to call an ambulance during an emergency.
  • Determines whether students need to be excused or remain in class when feeling unwell, with strong emphasis on remaining in school. Parents will be contacted in a timely manner once a decision has been made to send a student home.
  • Provides for isolation of ill students and privacy during visits, as appropriate.
  • When necessary, arranges for appropriate personnel and health forms/ emergency contact numbers to accompany a student to the hospital.
  • Provides and maintain first aid kit on school premises. A list of these locations is available to all employees.
  • Provides appropriate first aid kit for field trips, adjusting contents according to grade level, activity and length of time away from campus.
  • Provides guidance on health history, medical needs, current practices and medication requirements of students in the classrooms and those participating in field trips.
  • Instruct teachers/ staff on general classroom first aid guidance and precaution as necessary.
  • Attends standard first aid course and maintain minimal certifications.
  • Monitors accident forms and provides summaries to Principal and Head of School, following School and HSE guidelines for reporting.
  • If students are out of school for a long period of time due to illness, the health condition should be followed up.

Student Health Records and Files

  • Maintains confidential and up to date health records for all students. This is to include use of the Keystone Database System. Keystone contains records of medical concerns, daily medications, allergies, past injuries that may cause physical limitation and tetanus status. More sensitive information may be maintained as a hard copy, kept in a locked cabinet.
  • Monitor immunisations and discuss the findings with the parents. Advise parents of WHO, UK, US, Qatar guideline. Some age groups may be offered particular immunisations at school in line with the local policy.
  • Plans, organizes and supervises immunisations at school.
  • Compiles an accurate Student Medical Concerns List and keeps this list up to date.
  • Documents relevant health findings and conversations with students, parents, GP, Counselor and teacher.
  •  Maintain legible, accurate and contemporaneous handwritten records. Daily Log for health related visits from students and staff according to accepted documentation standards.
  • Develops individualizes health plans for students with known medical conditions, i.e. asthma, diabetes, sickle cell disease, anaphylaxis, etc.; in collaboration with student if applicable, parents, teachers, GP and other appropriate paraprofessionals.
  • Maintains accurate daily record of medications administered to students and staff according to policy and procedure, ensuring appropriate permission forms are completed.
  • Provides for emergency nursing management plan for injuries/ illnesses/ disable during fire, disaster, etc. 

Operations of The Nurse’s Office. 

  • Orders and maintains medical supplies and equipment for the nurse’s office within the given yearly budget. 
  • Liaises with other ACS nurses to form unified procedures.
  • Reviews procedures annually updating and adapting accordingly.

Health Screening of Students

  • When necessary, individual health screening of a students, height and weight may need to be recorded.
  • Informs and advises parents for the need for the students to see GP, Nutritionist, Ophthalmologist, Audiologist, Specialist Nurse Practitioner etc., when specialist opinion is needed.
  • Share health finding with the School counselor and advisory teacher.
  • Develop health programs that beneficial to students.

Health Education

  • Uses opportunities to promote health practices of the students, families and staffs.
  • Provides direct health education and health counseling on a variety of subject to assist students, families and staff in making informed decisions on health and lifestyle that promote optimal health.
  • Attends and participates in faculty Parent School Organizations (PSO) and school meetings as health consultant.
  • Serves as a resource for the classroom teacher.
  • Promotes and assists in the control in communicable diseases through preventative immunization programs, early detection, surveillance, reporting, inspections and follow up the communicable diseases.

Assessment and Promotion of a Healthy Environment in The Classrooms and around The Campus. Maintains current knowledge of, and assists in, promotion of a healthy environment in the classrooms and around the campus.

Child Protection and Crisis Intervention Policies.
Maintains up to date knowledge in child protection issues and crisis intervention policies. Attends annual Child Protection Course.

Health and Safety Committee.

  • Attends monthly meetings of the Health and Safety Committee.
  • Helps oversee Health and Safety issues that arise on campus.
  • Helps develop, maintain and communicate to faculty and staff relevant Health and Safety legislations.
  • Pursues Health and Safety policy questions/ issues.
  • Develop a risk assessment and control measures.

Professional Responsibilities

  • Must be a Registered Nurse.
  • Updates and maintains registration and a portfolio as per NMC guideline and code of conduct.
  • Keeps self-current with health knowledge and trends through professional literature and professional development.
  • Keeps current knowledge of the Local Health Authority School Health Laws and recommendations.
  • Attend and participates in activities/ courses related to school nursing.

Manage or supervise staff

  • Plan, participate in and contribute to regular clinical supervision and evidence based practice within Medical room.
  • Maintain a record of all courses attended.

Any other reasonable duties delegated by The Head of School or Principals. Personal Qualities

  • Must be tolerant and patient and able to work under pressure.
  • Must be caring and supportive.
  • Be motivated, working unsupervised, innovatively and with high standard that is research based.
  • Be organizes and manage own time and caseload, prioritizing as necessary according to workload, whilst ceasing opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Be able to work and concentrate with frequent interruptions.
  • Able to Multi-task without losing sight of deadlines.
  • Open to cultural difference, experiences, and be non-judgmental. 
  • Understands and respects confidentiality of role.
  • Has outstanding inter-personal skills and can relate to many people from many cultures.
  • Good listening skills.
  • Understand and respect the school lines of communications.

Safeguarding ACS is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and, as an employee of ACS, you are expected to share this commitment. The protection of our students’ welfare is the responsibility of all staff within ACS International Schools and individuals are expected to conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of our organisation.