Approach to Learning

Approach to Learning

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A unique educational experience

ACS International Schools offer a unique educational experience for students 3-18 years old - a bold international approach that’s informed by a proud American heritage. At its heart is our commitment to provide the right personal challenge within a culture of high expectations for the personal and academic success of every student.

ACS schools are inclusive communities that value diversity. We support a wide range of student interests and abilities, and we value the complex language profiles of globally-mobile students and their families.

At ACS, we focus on assessment for learning. An ACS education does not centre around never-ending preparation for a prescribed series of high-stakes examinations covering an already over-crowded curriculum. We use high-quality data to provide feedback about student achievement, inform and adjust teaching strategies, improve performance and celebrate learning.

ACS Cobham Graduation 2018


ACS’s rigorous academic programmes help highly-ambitious learners excel in the widely-respected international qualifications that support strong applications to selective and highly-selective (Russell Group and Ivy League) universities. Our students also pursue individual passions, explore personal interests, and prepare for high-level post-secondary opportunities in sport, creative industries, and business/enterprise.

ACS schools always aim for transformational learning - not simply the transfer of information from one generation to the next, but rather the exciting work of helping students get themselves ready for success in a rapidly changing world: celebrating the effective learners, confident individuals, and caring contributors that they are and want to become.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

ACS is a dynamic learning community. We welcome people locally and around the world to create a powerful, shared experience that shapes the way we teach and learn. We strive to build strong partnerships with parents to support their children’s education and wellbeing. Above all, we appreciate that happiness enriches learning.

By working to achieve shared learning outcomes, we build the knowledge, understanding, skills and dispositions that prepare our students to make a difference. To be ready as global thinkers and doers, every ACS International Schools student is becoming:

An Effective Learner
  • Directing their own learning with focus and curiosity
  • Using a range of languages and media
  • Working with others for a common purpose
  • Using creativity and imagination to address big questions
  • Pursuing individual interests with enthusiasm and determination


A Confident Individual
  • Navigating challenges with confidence and courage
  • Addressing personal physical, emotional and social well-being
  • Acting ethically and demonstrating personal integrity
  • Focusing on the positive in thought and action
  • Learning and growing through experiences and relationships


A Caring Contributor
  • Considering the world, their ideas and experiences
  • Building respectful relationships with people different from oneself
  • Making positive contributions to individuals and communities
  • Modelling ethical global citizenship
  • Sustaining the ecological systems and resources that support life