Students coming out of the main door at ACS Egham campus

A Caring Community

ACS International Schools holds the wellbeing, health and safety of our students as a priority.

The wellbeing, health and safety of our school community is a theme that runs through all elements of the ACS Expected School-wide Learning Results, and is one of the key components of the ACS Education Strategy which identifies high levels of health and wellbeing essential in a student’s education. The strategy sets out our commitment to, and improvement of, the wellbeing of all those in the ACS school community.

At ACS we believe that social and emotional development is just as important as academic achievement. We focus on the whole child, enabling us to create resilient, well-rounded, high achieving individuals, ready for whatever the future has in store for them. To support this, we offer a proactive counselling programme designed to recognise and prevent issues early on. Our counsellors work closely with parents and teachers to identify and address the needs of each student, with counsellors offering as much or as little support as students feel they need.

We aspire for all ACS students and staff to work and play in safe learning environments that promote their health and wellbeing.