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With nearly 50 nationalities represented at ACS Hillingdon, we are a diverse and vibrant community. We embrace cultural differences and we actively champion diversity to enhance learning. This is reflected both within and beyond the classroom through a curriculum that promotes international mindedness and excellence.

ACS Hillingdon delivers success through its diverse and rigorous curriculum. We empower students to set learning goals and develop the skills they will need to be successful. Through dynamic teaching from an attentive and dedicated faculty, we stimulate learning on a child-by-child basis. 

Our outstanding academic programme meets the needs of our changing local and global population. We have a living curriculum, based on world-renowned courses and globally recognised standards, that evolves with and for our children and that consistently reflects the core values and vision of our school.

The warm, trusting relationships teachers forge with students underpins our entire learning philosophy. The environment we create is personal and positive in order to stimulate curiosity and a love of knowledge.
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Academic Standards & Future Pathways

Curricular alignment to globally recognised, external standards provides an important connection, across our Grade levels and divisions, for all that we do.

Curricular standards communicate to students, parents, teachers and school leadership the skills and concepts that students are expected to learn in each subject area and at each grade level. We do not offer GCSEs or follow the UK national curriculum and we see our students benefiting from sitting fewer exams and instead developing and achieving a deeper level of subject knowledge and understanding beyond simply learning for a test.

Student achievement is compared only to these standards, not to other students. While the standards are used to guide curriculum development, instruction and assessment, they also ensure our students are prepared for the academic pathway that is a best fit for their interests and university preparatory needs -whether it be through International Baccalaureate courses, Advanced Placement courses and/or High School Diploma courses. This enables us to best prepare each graduate to succeed at the university of his or her choice.

Martin Hall, Head of ACS Hillingdon, standing outside in the grounds
We hope you will come visit us and see for yourself what makes us stand out. The experience of learning in our diverse and international environment gives our pupils a real advantage in understanding and adapting to the ever-changing world around them. We are confident that our holistic approach to education through our world-class curriculum is relevant to 21st century challenges and aspirations.
Martin Hall, Head of School, ACS Hillingdon

Beyond the classroom

Providing a dynamic mix of curricular and co-curricular experiences is also an essential part of our curriculum. We value the role these activities play in creating a well-rounded and balanced school life. Through exposure to and participation in the Visual and Performing Arts, STEAM, learning languages, physical activity, outdoor learning, service and environmental projects, Duke of Edinburgh and more, we encourage all our students to be adventurous and open to trying new things, as success beyond the classroom is just as important as success within.

Within our learning environments, we are also passionate about integrating technology to enhance teaching and learning. We are committed to providing the very best educational environment for our students, utilising the most effective tools the 21st century digital age has to offer.

Mirium smiling at the camera
Everyone has been very supportive, both in academics and my wellbeing leading to a great learning experience.
Miriam Mumbua, ACS Hillingdon Student