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Our charitable ambition is to become, over time, a valued partner to local state schools, their staff and students and the wider community.

The most successful relationships offer benefits for the education partners as well as business partners. Schools gain access to mentors, tutors, volunteers, products, funding and assistance in preparing students for higher education and the future workforce. Businesses forge stronger connections with students, schools and communities, which often strengthens the academic and professional capabilities of future employees.

Private companies, Universities and Charities can get involved financially or in kind, by offering their expertise, resources and facilities, providing skills and entrepreneurial know how, narrowing the gap that exists between the education system and the world of work.

A strong partnership realises and reveals to young people their potential and empowers them to own their economic success. This is achieved through the deployment of pedagogical programs aimed at promoting entry level skills and knowledge, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and life skills or ‘work readiness’.

Partnering with the local community to share facilities, resources and educational expertise, as well as opportunities for collaborative research, professional development and networking is essential to ensure young people have access to the highest quality education and learning experiences across the region.
Partnerships at ACS International Schools

Unlocking talent and fulfilling potential

ACS Partnerships aims to increase collaboration, share expertise and good practice, widen educational opportunities and raise standards in key subjects. Raise the standards of teaching and learning through innovative, relevant and accessible initiatives, filling the gaps in mainstream services that have a positive impact on the education of the children in all partnership schools.

Student interviews a doctor during an Orbis internship

Developing workplace skills

Partnerships at ACS will give opportunities for students to learn and develop through ‘active’ participation in thoughtfully organised service experiences that meet actual community needs and are coordinated in collaboration with the schools and the community.

Time for a student to think, talk, or write about what they did or saw during the service activity is essential, and provides valuable opportunities for all students to acquire skills and knowledge in real life situations in their own communities, whilst developing their own skill sets to adapt to the ever-changing future workplace with the ability to share this evidence with future universities or employers.

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Community engagement

Partnership activities enhance what is taught in schools, by extending student learning beyond the classroom, thereby helping to foster the development of a sense of caring for others and is supported by regular assessment to provide feedback and guide improvement.

Our core values – we engage in community and we drive positive change – reinforce our mission and are directly relevant to service learning. Similarly, our ‘Expected Schoolwide Learning Results’ focus on preparing each student to be a responsible global citizen.

Service learning provides an authentic opportunity for engaging in community development and decision-making, caring for the environment, and developing positive relationships with people different from ourselves.