Friends of ACS

Friends of ACS

As we look to enhance classroom and co-curricular activities for our students at ACS International Schools and for those students in our partnership schools we are looking outside of our organisation for inspiring educational opportunities.

ACS International schools is made up of 4 schools. Each of these schools has a parent body that own, work for or have some connection with thousands of companies worldwide.

Our parent body holds a wealth of experience and useful connections that could greatly enhance our educational offer.

Parents can offer a large variety of opportunities from Skyping into our classrooms to share their experiences and workplaces, guest speaking during assemblies or career days or even inviting students to visit factories, office or other environments very different to a students normal everyday experiences.

Opportunities for internships, work experience or even expert advice with extended essays or projects would be appreciated. It is hoped that over time we will have a library of connections that we can call upon to support students throughout their educational journey.


The time given can be anything from a simple 20 minute call to a more in depth involvement in an educational activity.

ACS Partnerships 

If you would like to be included in our list of available contacts then please do use the form on this app to offer your services, and our Partnership Director, Graeme Lawrie, will be in touch to discuss.

Only the partnership team will have access to your contact details, so you will not be inundated with requests from our schools and we will manage communication with you to ensure this is a positive experience for you.

If you would like to get your workplace teams involved with education as part of your own charitable objectives then we would also be keen to discuss this with you. Please contact us to discover how we can help