An aerial view of ACS Hillingdon campus and school buildings

Ready for a world that demands curiosity


Who we are

Our historic 11-acre campus is less than 14 miles from central London, enabling students to benefit from opportunities in both the city and countryside. We run an extensive busing service, and door-to-door and express shuttle services into the capital.

ACS Hillingdon offers genuine academic choice in our world-renowned programmes, and features:

  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) and AP Capstone Diploma courses
  • US High School Diploma Honours programme
  • IB Career-related Programme
My children were happy from day one at ACS Hillingdon. The atmosphere is amazing and they felt welcome straight away. Both students and teachers are amazing.


Our magnificent Greater London campus has outstanding facilities, and a wealth of history, art and culture right on its doorstep. With continental Europe next door, our students benefit from a host of local and international educational and co-curricular opportunities.

The campus boasts a stunning mansion house and modern wing extension with libraries, science and IT labs, art studios, cafeteria, gym, auditorium, and a dedicated music centre called Harmony House. Our grounds are home to an all-weather playing field, tennis and basketball courts, and adventure play areas, with off-site facilities for soccer, rugby, swimming, track and field.

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At ACS Hillingdon, we:

  • encourage a positive attitude towards education and lifelong learning
  • provide meaningful educational experiences that enable students to acquire and apply knowledge, concepts, and skills
  • help each student realise his/her academic, creative, and physical potential
  • provide opportunities for students to understand, appreciate, and develop sensitivity for other cultures
  • encourage participation in community service, and support of local and international charities
  • promote a partnership with parents to meet the needs of students, and offer programmes that address issues associated with a highly mobile population
  • promote students to become lifelong learners in a global community, ready to make their mark in the world.

A truly international community

We are proud of our international community and multi-cultural ethos, and the way our community collaborates to support each other and make a difference. From international fairs celebrating all of our students’ nationalities to celebrating different national cultural events, we value the interesting, wonderful mix of families that make up who we are and ensure that internationalism is embedded into everything that we do.


"Anti-racism is the commitment to fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself. And that's the only way forward." - Ijeoma Oluo

We are proud of our culturally-diverse community of students, families, staff and alumni representing over 70 nationalities, and recognise that we have an important role to play in being a positive catalyst for change. As an organisation of four schools, we have taken the time to reflect. We continue to learn and acknowledge that we can do better and will work harder as a community to address inequality and injustice. We listen to members of our community and this has helped us form action plans around a number of themes. Please click here for the full statement from our Chair and CEO.



ACS Hillingdon is proud to be a Council of International Schools (CIS) Member school. CIS Global Citizenship Certification validates and recognizes our focus on developing students as global citizens. What matters in Global Citizenship Certification is our community values on international education, the translation of these values into authentic learning across the community, developing intercultural understanding, values, and a range of skills for the students. The achievement of Global Citizenship Certification is a school-wide accomplishment that fosters collaboration and whole-school discussion of values related to global citizenship. ​