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Vision & Values

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At the heart of our approach is the idea of readiness – we empower our students with the skills and knowledge to thrive in a world that is changing fast we prepare our students to be ready.

Ready for cultures that crossover, boundaries that blur and ideas that interconnect.

Ready for a world that demands a new kind of learning – and a new kind of citizen. 

The World Needs New Thinking. Get Ready.


We Engage in Community

• Motivate and value others • When every voice is heard, nobody feels left out • Strong partnerships between students, parents and staff create a genuine feeling of family • Pride in what we do energises the special environment we share • Place value on quality • Engage students in their own education • Together we are dynamic, viable, and secure • Value opinions • Respect for others builds self-respect • Invest in people and they will invest in you • Foster a sense of belonging to enrich a warm and friendly environment • Provide foundation and continuity to the many communities that make up our community • Take all from where they are to where they want to be • Remember, change is exciting as a shared experience • Our global community is an education in itself.

We Drive Positive Change

• Action your wider responsibilities to the world • Always endeavour to do the right thing • Be an ambassador for our extended international community • Promote global citizenship through deeds as well as words • Collaborate to achieve a wider understanding • Get involved in humanitarian issues outside your comfort zone • Promote sustainability as an integral part of everyday life • Never tire of giving to those less fortunate • Strive to provide stability in an uncertain world • Try your best to make others happy • Accept opportunities to contribute in new and uplifting ways • Develop love for the people around you • See a world without barriers • Embrace social responsibility.

We Promote Excellence Through Learning

• Share success • Ensure students leave with more than good grades • Encourage broad talents, as a good education is not all about one thing • Set individual goals, as achievement means different things to different people • The journey is important • Achieve because the focus is on students, lifelong learning and not just results • Inspire all to be the best they can be • Discover and liberate the motivation to succeed that lies in everyone • Embody an ethos that enables excellence, rather than one that delivers excellence at any cost • Encourage integrity as a form of personal excellence • Provide the opportunity for all to succeed through their own desire • Prepare flexible minds • Seed excellence into everything • Succeed with integrity.

We enrich the international experience

• Value and appreciate your role as a contributing member of one Earth • See and affect the world on your doorstep and beyond • Appreciate that international is the norm here • Draw unity from the fact that everyone is from somewhere else • Develop hearts and minds that respect cultural differences • Bring a sense of commonality to diversity • Use diversity to enhance learning • Champion the understanding of all cultures • Remain open-minded and curious • Enjoy the benefits of being part of a cosmopolitan group • Treat all differences thoughtfully • Diversity is stimulating and motivating when understood • Make all feel accepted.

Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

By working to achieve the ESLRs, we build the knowledge, understanding, skills and dispositions that prepare our students to make a difference. This means that every ACS International Schools student is becoming: 

An Effective Learner

• Directing their own learning with focus and curiosity • Using a range of languages and media • Working with others for a common purpose • Using creativity and imagination to address big questions • Pursuing individual interests with enthusiasm and determination.

A Confident Individual

• Navigating challenges with confidence and courage • Addressing personal physical, emotional and social well-being • Acting ethically and demonstrating personal integrity • Focusing on the positive in thought and action • Learning and growing through experiences and relationships.

A Caring Contributor

• Considering the world, their ideas and experiences • Building respectful relationships with people different from oneself • Making positive contributions to individuals and communities • Modelling ethical global citizenship • Sustaining the ecological systems and resources that support life.

Testimonial Hillingdon
At ACS we define learning as growth and development, in knowledge and understanding, skills and dispositions.