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ACS Hillingdon Fees

Our academic year runs from August to June and is divided into two semesters - from August to January and January to June. Please click on the sections below for 2020-21 fees information.

Day Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are paid per semester; there are two semesters per academic year. Fees include the loan of textbooks, laboratory fees, classroom materials, iPad (up to Grade 8) and curriculum-related field trips that take place within a single day.

High School fees (Grade 9-12) include technical infrastructure to enable students to bring their own laptops to school.

Grade Semester 1 Semester 2 Annual
Pre-Kindergarten (Ages 4-5)




Kindergarten (Ages 5-6)




Grades 1–2 (Ages 6-8)




Grades 3–4 (Ages 8-10)




Grades 5-6 (Ages 10-12)




Grades 7-8 (Ages 12-14)




Grades 9-10 (Ages 14-16)




Grades 11-12 (Ages 16-18)*





*For Grades 11 and 12 tuition fees are inclusive of costs involved in university placement including transcripts, diplomas, and university/career planning, however they exclude exam fees and university application fees. See Additional Costs tab on this page for further details.


Busing Fees


ACS Hillingdon Transportation Department works closely with families to transport their children safely and efficiently between home and school. We offer door-to-door (home to school) and shuttle (pick up from a central point) services. See busing maps for details.


  Zone 1   Zone 2   Zone 3  
Type Per semester Annual Per semester Annual Per
Single £990 £1,980 £1,095 £2,190 £1,155 £2,310


£3,080 £1,690 £3,380 £1,790 £3,580


  Zone 1   Zone 2   Zone 3  
Type Per semester Annual Per semester Annual Per semester Annual
Single £440 £880 £550


£600 £1,200
Return £675 £1,350 £840 £1,680 £930 £1,860


Fixed One-Off Fees


Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of £250 must accompany each application form and can be paid online. Payment of the fee does not guarantee admission. The fee covers the administrative work involved in processing an application. Please contact the Admissions Office with any questions.



A non-refundable enrolment deposit of £1,500 is payable after a student has been accepted in order to reserve a place. The deposit is set against semester 2 tuition charges.

A similar non-refundable re-enrolment fee is payable in March for existing students in order to reserve a place for the next academic year.

A deposit of £3,000 is required for day students when the period between the date of acceptance and the student’s start date is 20 calendar days or less.


One-Off Capital/Development Fee

A once-only, non-refundable capital/development fee of £1,300 is charged during the first year of each student’s enrolment in Grades K-12. The fee contributes towards the maintenance and development of school facilities and is included within the first tuition fee invoice.

For more information on paying application fees and deposits, or to arrange any other method of payment, please contact the school's Admissions Office.



Fee Payment Methods


ACS sends invoices twice a year (once per semester). Invoices are handled by the School Fees Office.

Invoices for the 2020 - 2021 academic year will be issued and due on the following dates:


  • 1st Semester Invoice issue date: 5th June 2020
  • 1st Semester Invoice due date: 19th June 2020
  • 2nd Semester Invoice issue date: 5th November 2020
  • 2nd Semester Invoice due date: 19th November 2020

Payment Methods

  • ACS accepts any of the debit and credit cards below.*
Payment Methods


  • Sterling (GBP) cheque drawn on a UK bank account, made payable to ACS International Schools Ltd.
  • US Dollar cheque drawn on an American bank account. Please contact School Fees Office for an exchange rate.
  • Direct payment (i.e. BACS, wire transfer, etc) into the ACS bank account.**
  • Monthly payment option (available for parent payers). Please click on the image below to visit the School Fee Plan (SFP) website for more information. SFP are an independent provider of school fee finance.


Please refer to the Payment Procedures attachment below for detailed payment methods and ACS bank details.

All emails from ACS International Schools will contain @acs-schools.com as the domain address. If you are unsure an email is from us, please call us to confirm using the phone number on the ACS International Schools website, www.acs-schools.com.

ACS International Schools will always provide separate invoices or statements when asking for payment, which will contain our bank details in the attachment. ACS International Schools will not ask you, via email or phone, to provide payment to alternative bank details. Please feel free to call us to verify the bank details with us using the telephone contact for School Fees on the ACS International Schools' website, www.acs-schools.com.

Payment Procedures

*Please note that any bank charges incurred by payment of your child’s school fees will be debited to your child’s school fees account and further payment will be required to clear the account.

ACS is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for credit-related regulated activities


Additional Costs


Residential Trips

Overnight field trips are part of the curriculum and the costs are in addition to the school fees. There is one extended field trip per grade level (Grades 4-8), with an expected cost between £200-£700 depending on the trip. Other overnight trips may include language trips, art trips, or Model United Nations. Individual details will be issued prior to the trip. (ACS parents should direct any payment enquiries to the Divisional Office).


Exam Fees

External exam fees are also in addition to the school fees with an expected cost of around £700 for the full IB Diploma Programme and around £200 for the IBCP. AP Standard fees are £120 per exam and AP Capstone are £150 per exam. (ACS Reserves the right to amend these fees if examination bodies increase their charges).

Tuition fees for students repeating any part of Grade 12 are available from the School Fees office.


University Applications

Application fees for US universities vary (between $50 and $150 per application). UK universities (UCAS) charge £25.


Grade 12 Senior Fee

The Senior Fee of £150 covers cap, gown and sash for the Graduation ceremony, plus senior gift and student parent event.


Lost iPads

Accidental damage is generally covered by ACS International Schools. However, ACS International Schools does not cover lost or misplaced iPads. If an iPad is lost, a charge of up to £400 will be made.

Deliberate damage to iPads or damage through misuse will result in the cost of repair or replacement of the iPad being charged.

All iPads are provided with a safety cover which must not be removed. Lost covers are replaced at the expense of the user.


Lost or Damaged Text Books

A set of text books is loaned to each student. At the end of the year, or earlier for transferring students, the books must be returned in the condition in which they were issued, allowance being made for fair wear and tear. A charge will be made for textbooks/library books lost or damaged beyond the accepted standard.



A hot meal cooked in school and various ‘Grab & Go’ items are available as an option. Students are also allowed to bring a packed lunch (ACS parents can visit our intranet to find out about making payments).


Co-curricular Activities

We understand the value of co-curricular activities in helping to provide a well-rounded and balanced school experience. Some activities are free of charge, others incur an additional charge (ACS parents should direct any payment enquiries to the Divisional Office).

Please note: Tuition, boarding, transport and capital/development fees are handled by the School Fees Office. Please refer to the detailed Terms and Conditions for full details, including notice periods.

Contact Us

For Application & Deposit Fees

ACS Hillingdon Admissions

Telephone: +44 (0)1895 818402

Email: hillingdonadmissions@acs-schools.com


For Tuition, Transport & Capital/Development Fees

The School Fees Office

+44 (0)1932 869741
+44 (0)1932 869756
+44 (0)1932 869778

Email: schoolfees@acs-schools.com