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Our athletes compete against local and other international schools across Europe, with recent fixtures taking them to Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Athens. This is a privilege the students embrace completely, using their sporting prowess to also further their internationalism.

  • 70% of ACS Hillingdon students in both Middle and High School participate in after-school sports at some point in the year.
  • Many participate in a different team every season.
  • 56 different teams represent our school over the school year at all levels.
  • All our athletes are recognised for their participation in the athletics programme and special awards are given each season to applaude accomplishments.
  • We also offer Soccer for Grade 5.
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Home of the Hawks

Our dedicated team of full-time coaches have 11 acres of excellent facilities to play in, including a full-size, multi-functional gym, all-weather tennis courts, and sports fields. We also own soccer pitches, rugby fields, softball and baseball diamonds a short ride from campus, and have access to a swimming pool and athletics track in the area.


Hillingdon Hawks


LSSA The London School Sports Association (LSSA) is made up of six International Schools in London. Member schools include ACS Hillingdon, ACS Egham, ACS Cobham, Marymount International School, TASIS and the American School of London - with our Middle and High school teams competing in weekly fixtures against other member schools.

The ACS Hillingdon Athletics Department offers 11 sports over three seasons across the Middle and High schools which are all also offered by other member LSSA schools. At the end of each junior varsity season, tournaments are held at various member school sites, where teams compete for an LSSA championship.

Middle school teams will participate in an end of season festival in which placings will not be scored and all teams will play 3-4 games over the course of the day. Four annual meetings are held amongst the LSSA school athletic directors to plan accordingly for the school year and seasons ahead. Member schools athletics programmes have similar athletics philosophies which are student centred.

The LSSA follows rules and guidelines outlined in the league handbook, which is updated from season to season, and year to year based on the necessity for change and by feedback from those within our athletics programmes.

Iver fields

Sports at ACS Hillingdon

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Our Teams


AUTUMN (21 teams)

SPRING (21 teams)

WINTER (18 teams)
  • Varsity Boys Volleyball
  • Varsity Girls Volleyball
  • JV Boys Volleyball
  • JV Girls Volleyball
  • MS Girls Volleyball
  • Varsity Boys Cross Country
  • Varsity Girls Cross Country
  • JV Boys Cross Country
  • JV Girls Cross Country
  • MS Cross Country
  • Varsity Boys Soccer
  • Varsity Girls Soccer
  • JV Boys Soccer
  • JV Girls Soccer
  • MS Boys Soccer A
  • MS Boys Soccer B
  • MS Girls Soccer A
  • MS Girls Soccer B
  • 4th & 5th Grade Soccer
  • Varsity Girls Softball
  • JV Girls Softball
  • MS Girls Softball
  • Varsity Boys Baseball
  • JV Boys Baseball
  • Varsity Girls Tennis
  • Varsity Boys Tennis
  • JV Boys Tennis
  • JV Girls Tennis
  • MS Boys Tennis
  • MS Girls Tennis
  • Varsity Boys Track & Field
  • JV Boys Track & Field
  • JV Girls Track & Field
  • MS Boys Track & Field
  • MS Girls Track & Field
  • Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Varsity Girls Basketball
  • JV Boys Basketball
  • JV Girls Basketball
  • MS Boys Basketball A
  • MS Boys Basketball B
  • MS Girls Basketball A
  • MS Girls Basketball B
  • Varsity Boys Swimming
  • Varsity Girls Swimming
  • JV Boys Swimming
  • JV Girls Swimming
  • MS Boys Rugby A
  • MS Boys Rugby B
JV = Junior Varsity
MS = Middle School
Subject to modification


Recent ACS Hillingdon Athletic Achievements


2018-19 2017-18
  • LSSA Volleyball 2nd Place (Junior Varsity Boys)
  • LSSA Soccer 2nd Place (Junior Varsity Girls)
  • ISST Cross Country 2nd Place (Junior Varsity & Varsity Overall)
  • ISST Cross Country 1st Place (Varsity Boys)
  • ISST Basketball 3rd Place (Varsity Boys)
  • ISST Basketball 3rd Place (Varsity Girls)
  • ISST Softball 2nd Place (Varsity Girls)
  • ISST Track and Field 3rd Place (Junior Varsity & Varsity)
  • ISST Track 1st Place (Varsity Boys) 
  • ISST Cross Country Champions (Varsity Boys)
  • ISST Cross Country 2nd Place (Overall)
  • ISST Cross Country 3rd Place (Varsity Boys)
2016-17 2015-2016
  • LSSA JV Boys Soccer 2nd Place
  • LSSA JV Boys Volleyball Champions  
  • ISST Cross Country Champions (Junior Girls) 
  • ISST Cross Country 3rd Place overall  
  • ISST Cross Country 3rd Place (Varsity Boys) 
  • ISST Boys Soccer Champions
  • LSSA JV Boys Rugby Champions 
  • ISST Cross Country 3rd Place (Junior Girls) 
  • ISST Boys Tennis 3rd Place 
  • ISST Girls Tennis 2nd Place 
  • ISST Boys Soccer Champions