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Vision & Values

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Our Vision

The World Needs New Thinking. Get Ready. 

At ACS we prepare our students to be ready.

Ready for cultures that crossover, boundaries that blur and ideas that interconnect.

Ready for a world that demands a new kind of learning – and a new kind of citizen. 


At ACS we define learning as growth and development, in knowledge and understanding, skills and dispositions.
Group Photo Namibia trip 2018

We Engage In Community

  • Action your wider responsibilities to the world
  • Always endeavour to do the right thing
  • Be an ambassador for our extended international community
  • Promote global citizenship through deeds as well as words
  • Collaborate to achieve a wider understanding
  • Get involved in humanitarian issues outside your comfort zone
  • Promote sustainability as an integral part of everyday life
Sports day at Kutenhoas

We Drive Positive Change

  • Never tire of giving to those less fortunate
  • Strive to provide stability in an uncertain world
  • Try your best to make others happy
  • Accept opportunities to contribute in new and uplifting ways
  • Develop love for the people around you
  • See a world without barriers
  • Embrace social responsibility
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We Promote Excellence Through Learning

  • Value and appreciate your role as a contributing member of one Earth
  • See and affect the world on your doorstep and beyond
  • Appreciate that international is the norm here
  • Draw unity from the fact that everyone is from somewhere else
  • Develop hearts and minds that respect cultural differences
  • Bring a sense of commonality to diversity
  • Use diversity to enhance learning
International Experience

We Enrich the International Experience

  • Champion the understanding of all cultures
  • Remain open-minded and curious
  • Enjoy the benefits of being part of a cosmopolitan group
  • Treat all differences thoughtfully
  • Diversity is stimulating and motivating when understood
  • Make all feel accepted.
Middle School Pupil Studying
The World Needs New Thinking. Get Ready.

Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs)


By working to achieve the ESLRs, we build the knowledge, understanding, skills and dispositions that prepare our students to make a difference. This means that every ACS International Schools student is becoming: 

An Effective Learner
  • Directing their own learning with focus and curiosity
  • Using a range of languages and media
  • Working with others for a common purpose
  • Using creativity and imagination to address big questions
  • Pursuing individual interests with enthusiasm and determination
A Confident Individual
  • Navigating challenges with confidence and courage
  • Addressing personal physical, emotional and social well-being
  • Acting ethically and demonstrating personal integrity
  • Focusing on the positive in thought and action
  • Learning and growing through experiences and relationships
A Caring Contributor
  • Considering the world, their ideas and experiences
  • Building respectful relationships with people different from oneself
  • Making positive contributions to individuals and communities
  • Modelling ethical global citizenship
  • Sustaining the ecological systems and resources that support life