Inspiration soars as British Airways visit ACS Egham

Last Thursday, 29 November, British Airways staff visited ACS Egham International School, to talk to six and seven year olds about their role in the community and how people are connected, as part of the Primary Years curriculum.

At ACS Egham, pupils follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, and the Primary Years Programme which encourages students to think for themselves and explore local and global issues across traditional subject areas.

The two visiting BA employees, Grace and Alice, spoke about their roles as flight attendants, and how their main responsibility is to care for the safety of the community on board the plane. They helped the youngsters think about how you care for other people and communities, and think about their needs while travelling, while also helping the children to have fun trying on uniforms and giving in-flight demonstrations.


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ACS Egham Lower School students dressing up as cabin crew


Although the majority of the pupils at ACS Egham are from local families, as an international school, students come from all over the world to join the community, and many will have experienced air travel from an early age. From a career and business perspective, the aviation industry is also important to learn about, as it is a vital part of the UK's economy, supporting over 961,000 jobs in the UK.

The children asked lots of questions about aircraft design, flying planes, and what skills you need to be a flight attendant.

Anne-Sophie Le Mat, teacher of French at ACS Egham Lower School, said:

The visit from the team at British Airways was a great opportunity for our Grade 1 students to learn about the fascinating world of air travel while also incorporating the class’s new unit of enquiry, focusing on the role of people in their communities.

Grace and Alice from BA were wonderful at demonstrating their role as flight attendants for the on-board plane community, as well as how air travel has enabled us all to be part of a wider global community. Each student received their own mock British passport.